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Syllabus of ” Data Entry Operator ” Vocational Course.

Syllabus of Data Entry Operator Course 


1. Basics of Computer
* Input and Output Devices
* System Software and Application Software
* Computer Language
* Compiler and Assembler

2. Operating System
* Desktop Elements
* Locating Files and Folders
* Changing System Setting
* File Management in Windows
* Installation of Software and Hardware

3. Basics of Word Processing
* Starting Word Program
* Word Screen Layout
* Typing Screen Objects
* Managing Documents
* Protecting and Finding Documents

4. Formatting Documents
* Working with text
* Formatting Paragraphs
* Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
* Spelling and Grammar

5. Mail Merge
* Types of document in Mail merge
* Creating data Source
* Creating Mailing Labels
* Merging Data into Main Document

6. Basics of Spreadsheet
* Selecting, Adding and Renaming Worksheets
* Modifying a Worksheet
* Resizing Rows and Columns
* Workbook Protection

7. Formatting Worksheets
* Formatting Toolbar
* Formatting Cells
* Formatting Columns and Rows
* Protect and Unprotect Worksheets

8. Formulas, Functions and Charts
* Copying a Formula
* Types of Functions
* Types of Charts
* Auto shapes and Smart art

9. Creating Presentation
* Creating Slides
* Slide Sorter View
* Changing Slide Layouts
* Moving Between Slides


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