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Solved Precis Exercise “World Peace through Conciliation” 186 Words Precis for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Exam.

The preservation of peace is not merely a desirable ideal. It has become an imperative necessity. All the nations of the world have pledged their allegiance to peace, but do not seem to be prepared to work for the conditions which are essential for peace. We progress to build a world welfare state, where individual freedom and social justice are preserved, where we do not have injustice, racial discrimination and colonial domination. We cannot achieve the goal of peace by bluffing, bargaining and bullying. The two groups into which the world unfortunately is divided wish to build a social and political order which transcends sovereign nations. Both agree that exclusive nationalism is impracticable in the new world. But the conflicts between the methods adopted by the two groups are potentially violent, dark and destructive. They seem to be afraid of each other and each one thinks that the other is trying to overthrow it by force. We are faced with two alternatives: collision which may be suicidal for the human race, or conciliation, which is our hope for the future. We are pledged to the latter.

(Words: 186)

Word-meanings: allegiance-loyalty, collision-clash.



In the modern world, the maintenance of peace is indispensable. The world must rid itself of racial discrimination and colonialism to ensure individual freedom and social justice. The world is divided into two groups which fear the clandestine designs of each other. There are only two alternatives – clash which can destroy mankind and conciliation which is the only hope.

Words in the Original Passage= 186

Words in the Precis = 64

Title: World Peace through Conciliation.


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