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Solved Precis Exercise “Assessment of Scientists Status” 168 Words Precis for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Exam.

That science has become one of the most powerful factors in modern life is a generally accepted and indeed obvious fact. The proper role of the scientist himself is however a point on which there is no general agreement. On the one hand are those die-hards, who ignoring the changed circumstances of the outside, contend that, outside the laboratory, the personal influence of the scientist should be no more than any other citizen. On the other hand, are extremists who advocate a state verging on a technocracy in which scientists would have special privileges and large measures of control. Those who tend towards the latter view are much more vociferous than their more conservative and much more numerous colleagues, with the unfortunate result that there is a widespread impression that scientists generally share these views and wish to claim, a far larger share in the control of world affairs than they posses at present. It is, therefore, timely to attempt an assessment of the proper status of the scientist in modern society.

(Word: 172)

Word-meanings: Vociferous – vocal, Conservative – traditional.


In the modern scientific world, the role of the scientist himself is a moot point. There are two camps of thinkers. The die-hard conservatives believe that the scientist has no role outside the laboratory. The extremists advocate for technocracy with the scientists having special privileges and powers. The scientists want nothing for themselves. Let there be proper assessment of their status in society.

Words in the Original Passage=172

Words in the Precis = 62

Title: Assessment of Scientists Status.


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