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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Jam Sahib — The Cricket King” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

The last ball has been bowled, the bats have been oiled and put away, and around Lord’s the grand-stands are deserted and forlorn. We have said farewell to cricket. We have said farewell, too to cricket’s king. The well graced actor leaves the stage and becomes only a memory in a world of happy memories. And so ‘hats off to the Jam Sahib the prince of a little State, but the king of great game.

I think it is undeniable that as a batsman the Indian will live as the supreme exponent of the Englishman’s game. The claim does not rest simply on his achievements, although, judged by them the claim could be sustained. His season’s average of 87 with a total of over 3,000 runs is easily the high water mark of English cricket. Thrice he has totalled over 3,000 runs and no one else has equalled that record. And is riot his the astonishing achievement of scoring two double centuries in a single match on a single day not against a feeble attack, but against Yorkshire, always the most resolute and resourceful of bowling teams.

But we do not judge a cricketer so much by the runs he gets as by the way he gets them. In literature as in finance’, says Washington Irving, much paper and much poverty may coexist. And in cricket, too many runs and much dullness may be associated. If cricket is menaced with creeping paralysis, it is because it is losing the spirit of joyous adventure and becoming a dull instrument for compiling labels of averages. There are dull, mechanic fellows who turn out runs with as little emotion as a machine turns out pins. There is no colour, no enthusiasm, and no character in their play. Cricket is not an adventure to them; it is a business. It was so with Shrewsbury. His technical perfection was astonishing; but the soul of the game was wanting in him. There was no sunshine in his play or swift surprise or splendid unselfishness. And without these things, without gaiety, daring and the spirit of sacrifice cricket is a bad thing. Now, the Jam Sahib has the root of the matter in him. His play is as sunny as his face. He is not a miser hoarding up runs, but a millionaire spending them, with a splendid yet judicious prodigality. It is as though his pockets are bursting with runs that he wants to shower with his blessings upon the expectant multitude. It is not difficult to believe that in his little kingdom of Nawanagar, where he has the power of life and death in his hands, he is extremely popular, for it is obvious that his pleasure is in giving pleasure.


Jam Sahib — The Cricket King

Jam Sahib was a delightful cricketer and popular king. As a cricketer he will live in the memories of the people. One of his achievements was that during the season his average score was 87 and total 3000 runs. He totalled 3000 runs three times and none else could equal that record. But more commendable was his achievement of scoring double centuries in a single match on a single day. The team against which this feat was performed was the powerful team of Yorkshire. Apart from getting runs his game was praiseworthy. He was not dull; there was enthusiasm in getting runs. By way of contrast, Shrewsbury was technically perfect but quite dull in scoring. Jam Sahib did not aim at getting runs; he delighted the spectator. People’s pleasure was his aim as a king. That is why he was a popular king.


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