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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “International Order and Security” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

“For international order and security, it is essential to fulfil certain conditions. In the first place, Imperialism in many forms must be abolished. For Imperialism is the source of unjust oppression of one race by another. The persecution of the Arabs in Algeria and of the people of Cyprus in that island are living examples of this fact. The danger of war will not be over so long as Imperialism exists. The oppressed people will struggle for freedom and the unrest created thereby may ultimately lead to war. Every nation of the world must be granted the right to self-government. For no nation can ever achieve real progress under a foreign yoke. The people of India know how demoralizing the foreign rule is.

Secondly, social discrimination also should be ended Order and security cannot be established in a world wherein white men oppress the coloured people, as they are doing in South Africa. Racial discrimination is giving rise to widespread discontent and provocation. It is not only the Indians in South Africa who are resenting the barbaric treatment meted out to them, but all the Asian and African countries are angry at the humiliation to which they are being put. It is unfortunate that the white races still consider themselves to be superior to the coloured ones. This attitude of their augurs ill for international peace and security. The basis of internationalism is a belief in the equality of mankind. The structure of international security cannot be raised without this foundation. The white men’s sense of superiority, perhaps, results from their armed might. They are in a position to harm the coloured people. But, perhaps, their superiority in this respect will not continue for long. For, the countries of Asia and Africa are now rising from their age-long slumber and developing their resources. Soon they will be as strong as the Western nations.

Justice is another requisite for world peace. The Security Councillor the U.N. General Assembly should be bold enough to do justice in all the cases of international dispute. Pacts and alliances should not prove to be insurmountable barriers in the way of justice. There is reason to believe that when the Kashmir question was considered in the Security Council, the members of the Baghdad Pact showed a greater anxiety to stand by one another, than to decide the case on its entries. This is violation of justice for self-interest and if it continues, there is little hope of international peace and security. If the aggressor is declared an aggressor and punished, no matter whether or not he is the member of certain pact, there will be possibility of war.

If international peace is to be achieved, we must accept the principle of peaceful co-existence and act in accordance with it. Ideological differences should be no barrier to peaceful existence. They should not rob us of our respect for life. Whatever be the political ‘ism’ prevailing in a country, the basic human problems are everywhere the same. Everywhere man is striving to gain more and more knowledge, to develop the resources of his country and to expel poverty and disease. Political ‘isms’ cannot create differences in human nature, which is everywhere the same. If the hostile nations try to understand each other they would find that much of their hostility is baseless, and that they agree on certain points.”


International Order and Security

The first and the most essential condition required for establishment of an international order and security is the abolition of imperialism. The imperialist forces should not be allowed to carry on mass persecution of the colonized people Racialism, which has created a hell in South Africa and elsewhere, must also be eliminated as this theory of discrimination is responsible for giving rise to widespread discontent and provocation among the peoples of Asia and Africa. It is an irony of immense magnitude that a handful of white men dominate over millions of the coloured people in some parts of Africa. This racial discrimination tends to undermine the very fundamental drive and initiative of internationalism; and is the worst hurdle to the establishment of a world order. The next requisite for the successful implementation of the plan of a Universal” order is the strengthening of the United Nations Organization. It should function independently without being swayed over by either of the two power blocs. Political ‘isms’ should not be allowed to divide humanity.


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