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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Ending the Menace of Nuclear Testing” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

“It seems to me that the time is now ripe to put an end to nuclear tests once and for all-to put a full stop. Now is the most suitable time to do it.”

 “The period of great acuteness and tension in the Caribbean is over. Now we are free directly to deal with other urgent international questions and in particular with the long outstanding problem… of banning nuclear tests. “

“A certain lessening of tension is the international situation can in my opinion contribute to this. The U.S.S.R. does not need war. I think that war does not offer bright prospects for the U.S. either 

“Today, through the use of ultra-modern nuclear rockets, war would cross seas and oceans in a few minutes. A thermonuclear catastrophe would inflict immense losses and suffering on the U.S. people as well as on other peoples of the world.”

“In order to avoid such a situation, we must develop peaceful relations and settle all questions in dispute by negotiation and mutual concessions on the basis of full equality and on a correct appraisal of mutual interests.”

“One of these questions with which the Government of our country has been dealing for several years is the conclusion of an agreement on the banning of all nuclear tests.”

“We agree with you that for controlling a nuclear test ban in outer space, the atmosphere and under water, national means of detection are sufficient. However, we have not succeeded in finding a mutually acceptable solution of the problem of banning underground tests.”

“The main obstacle to an agreement is the U.S. demand concerning international control and inspection of the banning of underground tests in the territories of the nuclear powers”, he added.

 “I would like to think that you yourself, understand the correctness of our evidence that national means are now also sufficient for controlling this form of test in such a way that one can be certain that all sides observe the agreement.

“Formerly you had not wished to recognise openly this true state of affairs and adopt it as a basis for the immediate conclusion of a test ban agreement.”

“Wishing to find a mutually acceptable basis for an agreement the U.S.S.R. recently took an important step to meet the West half way. She agreed to the installation of automatic seismic stations.”

 “This idea as is known, was not proposed by us. It was made by British scientist at a recent meeting in London of the participants in the Pug wash movement.”

 “If the transport of the equipment to and from these automatic seismic stations requires participation by foreign personnel we would also agree to this. Should it prove necessary precautionary measures would be taken to prevent such journeys being used for espionage purposes?”

 “If this is the only difficulty on the road to an agreement we are prepared, in order to achieve the noble and humane objective of a cessation of nuclear test, to meet you half way in this question. We would agree should it prove necessary-to accept two or three inspections annually on the territory of each of the nuclear powers within the seismic areas where it is suspected that suspicious movements have taken place.”

“We proposed that such stations be set up both near the frontier of the nuclear powers and on their territories. We announced our agreement to the setting up of three of these stations on Soviet territory.”


Ending the Menace of Nuclear Testing

The time is proper when the two great powers of the world-Soviet Union and U.S.A. should shake hands and end the menace of nuclear testing. Soviet Union wants peace and is opposed to the idea of solving disputes through war and violence. In the modem age war means complete destruction for the entire world. A thermonuclear war between these two countries would not only destroy each other but devastate the entire earth. The worst hurdle in their respective approaches to the ban of nuclear tests is that of controlling and inspecting nuclear tests in atmosphere or outer space or underground. To a great extent the Soviet Union is prepared to cooperate with U.S.A. in this respect. She has proposed creation of automatic seismic stations. U.S.A. is requested to co-operate with the Russian proposal that each station should be set up not only in Russian and American territories but also in the territories of other nuclear countries.


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