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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Future of English Language” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

This great and inspiring language which is to play the most vital role in changing the present aggressive and militant outlook of the humanity, has an extremely bright and optimistic future. It is to be crowned as the “Language of humanity”. “The Voice of Human civilization” and the only Beacon, guiding the frustrated and dejected vessel of our civilization amid the peril full ocean of mass destruction, violence and bloodshed.

It is a wrong and narrow-minded assumption among some of the Indians that with the spread of Hindi, as lingua franca of our country, English language would wane down. I am confident that, with the growth of our National language, we should equally cultivate the International language. If Hindi is our National Language, English will be as our International language. We must love both the languages as one is the language of our Motherland, the other is the language of our Fatherland which is “as wide as the blue sky”.

“English language will be the only medium of instruction in the future international University of the World State where the people of the world would receive training in the art of universal citizenship. It would serve as the guiding light in the realm of peace.” If English language taught the scientists to invent deadliest weapons of destruction, in this age of peace and love, it would teach the philosophers and thinkers to invent method of spreading international peace.

English Language is, no doubt, the most creative and constructive force in the modern world of ideas and thoughts. In the words of our late Prime Minister, Mr. Nehru, “The very message of modem humanity, is today, given through this great Global Language, which has a unique tendency of adaptation and reconciliation If we totally ignore this International Language of madern civilization, we shall be pushed back to a state of dark ” The modern world is drifting towards the final and ultimate goal of human civilization-Internationalism and cosmopolitanism where, in the words of a Modern English poet:

“There shalt not sound the crack of bomb.

There shall not break the bonds of love;

where eternal peace and lasting bliss

shall build the lofty dome of joy!

For an international civilization and cosmopolitan culture, men must have an international and cosmopolitan language, the language of the entire humanity, the language that can be spoken and understood by the entire group of human creatures, expressing the ideas of Eternal Peace and perpetual Blias.

In the present world especially after the terrible Second World War and the formidable Korean War, the people of the world have realized the fact that aggressive nationalism is the main cause of human decay and frustration of civilization. They have seen how, in the name of ‘Racial Superiority’ and ‘Purity of Blood’, certain nations of the world (as Germans, Italians, Japanese and also English) created untold and unimaginable havoc on others, making mass-murders, shedding pools of blood and devastating destruction of cities and towns. The war-torn humanity has a hatred for the word ‘Nationalism’ and, today, they want to embrace Internationalism, based upon the principles of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.

For the establishment and consolidation of such a state, we need, above everything else, a common Universal language, as in the words of Bertrand Russell, “It is a common language that binds and unites men.” There are about three hundred and fifty major languages, spoken all over the globe, dominant of these being (other than English) Russian, German, French Chinese and Japanese. Russian language is spoken by two hundred and fifty million people, French by one hundred and fifty million, German by one hundred and eighty million and Japanese by one hundred and seventy five million people. Chinese language is sub-divided into one hundred and eighty-five regional languages. It is English and only English which claims to embrace more than half of the total population of the world. It is estimated that this language is spoken and understood by more than 5000 million people, inhabiting various parts of the world. English language thus, is the only language that can serve as the International Language. By becoming International it would serve mankind in the most vital way.

No doubt the British Empire has tumbled down and the British political system is on its wane day by day, English diplomacy and English political craftsmanship is losing importance day by day. But English language like old `Johny Walker’ is getting stronger and steadier every movement and it importance is felt more vitally as the world advances towards Internationalism and cosmopolitanism.

Late George Bernard Shaw once said. “The English nation will, one day, droop to oblivion, and the English Imperial Castle would crack, but the English Language shall march on triumphantly till the edge of Doom.” It is a fact that future of mankind requires this language, and it would become over popular among the rising posterity. The entire super structure of the future conception of a’ Global State’ or a ‘Federation of Mankind’ depends upon the language. For bringing together the different peoples of the world, English language will play the most vital role. The Basic English which contains only 850 words has been, specially designed to cater to the needs of international requirements. It would link up the two parts of the Globe East and West, and produce a new medium of Global inter-communication, uniting the entire community of human being.


Future of English Language

The wanton criticism against continuity of English language in India has no logical-ground. It is wrong to think that English is the language of a particular nation; it has a cosmopolitan and international character. Its dimensions are far-flung and almost worldwide. It has assumed a global significance. Apart from its priceless and matchless literary treasures, English language has become almost indispensable for the development and enrichment of modern science and technology. -It is a narrow and misconceived view that, by retaining English language in India, we will develop a slave-mentality and equally vague is the idea that by allowing English language to flourish in our country “our national language, Hindi, would be damaged. On the other hand, a close sisterly association of the two languages would be a boon for the Indians.” With its vast literary and scientific store English language can help Hindi to develop its own international horizon. By keeping the two, we can bring east and west together and thereby succeed in evolving a cosmopolitan out-look and an international understanding. Thus, there can be no danger in retaining English language in Free India.


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