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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “Crave for Tourism” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A horde of displaced persons on the move throughout the summer months is one of the problems of our age. What is the meaning of this yearly migration? Why do hundreds of thousands of human beings feel impelled to leave comfortable homes for the certain misery of the voyage and the uncertain amenities of the arrival, not to speak of danger to life and limb? Americans see typhoid germs wickedly lurking in every drop of European water and regard Europe as a dreaded smallpox area. There are the hazards of ship, aeroplane, and motor coach. The last named has a way of taking to the air from mountain roads and of pulverized at level crossings so that neither hill nor plain can be considered perfectly safe. All tourists half expect to be murdered. So brave and energetic of them to tour. Why do they do it?

The answer is that the modern dwelling is comfortable, convenient lean, but it is not a home. Now that people live on shelves, perched between earth and sky, with nowhere to sit out of doors, no garden here they can plant a flower or pick an herb, they are driven on to the Lead for their holidays. All human beings need some aesthetic nourishment and the inhabitants of ugly towns form the bulk of the tourist trade. A search for beauty, known as sight-seeing, is common to all tourists.

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Title :-Crave for Tourism

The reason why millions of people during the summer months leave their home comforts to risk their lives in the touring, uncertain of amenities, is that the modern dwelling, however attractive, is anything but a real home. They are deprived of aesthetic pleasure of enjoying beauty of nature, which they seek elsewhere.

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