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Solved English Precis exercise on “The Popularity Entertainment of American Films” 400 Words Precis for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Solved Precis exercise on “The Popularity Entertainment of American Films”

The generalization has become increasingly suspect as it has become increasingly plain that good entertainment films cannot be made by the ungifted! Further, that some men of alpine talent have spent their whole careers in entertainment films. But for compact purposes here, the terms “entertainment and “art” can serve to distinguish between those films, however well made and aesthetically rewarding, whose original purpose was to pass the time, and those films, however poorly made and aesthetically pretentious, whose original purpose was the illumination of experience and the extension of consciousness. In this view, the generalization about American and European films has some validity-less than was assumed for decades, still some validity.

Every film-making country makes entertainment films; they are the major portion of every nation’s industry. But no country’s entertainment films have had the international success of American films. Some historians have speculated that the swift success of American entertainment films around the world came from the fact that the United States is a heterogeneous country without old class stratifications, that the United States thus had a Quick affinity with popular works in a new theatrical medium, an affinity more immediate than in countries where the theater was historically associated with the upper classes of society, an affinity closer to the international common man This theory, hardly watertight, is just sound enough to be stimulating, particularly when one looks at the contrast with older countries with relatively homogeneous cultures. Their entertainment films had a parochialism, resulting from that homogeneity that often made them inexorable. For instance, take Sweden. Very few Swedish entertainment films were seen outside Scandinavia.

But I choose Sweden because that’s the contrary where the art film, the serious film, is said to have begun; and that too was the result of homogeneity, of class tradition. Unlike the United States, Sweden had a substantial homogeneous cultural heritage, and the cultivated people of Sweden wanted at least a small portion of their national film output to respond to that heritage. That serious minority of Swedish films-that serious minority of all foreign films-were what usually reached the United States; so Americans got the impression that other countries made nothing but serious films. This misconception together with a blindness to the intrinsic merits of the best entertainment films made in America led to the generalization quoted above.

Two extrinsic factors helped the less ‘national and more popular American film to global success; World War I, which (as mentioned) hampered European production and the superior international organization of American distribution facilities.


Solved Precis

Title – The Popularity Entertainment of American Films

Entertainment films require of their maker’s talent of a high order. There are two types of films: entertainment films and art films. The former is Incant for passing the time, the later for the illumination of experience, the extension of consciousness. America, unlike Europe, has specialized in entertainment films and has succeeded in exporting them to foreign countries, the chief reason being that American entertainment films have a closer affinity to the common man “This is attributable to the U.S.A. being a heterogeneous country. Homogeneous countries fail to avoid a certain measure of parochialism in films, and their firms do not attract global interest. These countries particularly Sweden produce good art or serious films which they make to respond to their homogeneous cultures. Americans wrongly draw the conclusion that foreign countries make only serious films. However, the success of American entertainment films is due also to World War I hampering European production and its own better distribution facilities.


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