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Solved English Precis exercise on “Invasion of Foreign Traders” 270 Words Precis for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Solved Precis exercise on “Invasion of Foreign Traders”

Since India was on the wheels of self-sufficiency in agriculture and handicraft products, it did not import foreign goods on large scale. On the other hand, industrial and agricultural products had a steady market abroad. Consequently, it now exports more than it imports and its trade has been balanced by imports of silver and gold. In fact, India was known as a sink of precious metals.

Historians differ on the state of internal and foreign trade during the pre-colonial period of the 18h century Disruption of law and order in many areas during the 18th century harmed the country’s internal trade. Many trading countries were located by the contestants for power and by foreign invaders. Many of the trade routes were infested with organized bands of robbers, and traders and their caravans were regularly looted. Even the road between the two imperial cities of Delhi and Agra was made unsafe by the marauders. Moreover, with the rise of autonomous provincial regimes and innumerable local chiefs, the number of customs houses or chowkies grew by leaps and bounds. Every petty or large ruler tried to increase his income by imposing heavy customs duties on goods entering or passing through his territories. All these reasons had an injurious effect on long-distance trade. The impoverishment of the nobles, who were the largest consumers of luxury products in which trade was conducted, also injured international trade. Other historians believe that the effect of political change and ware-fare on internal trade has generally been exaggerated. In fact, our foreign trade was also complex and differential. While sea trade expanded our land trade through Afghanistan and Persia was disrupted.


Solved Precis

Title – Invasion of Foreign Traders

Before the colonial period, India was considered and called a sink of precious metals. However, after the invasion of foreign traders on India and due to their grabbing attitude total chaos was created in trades. Even Indian rulers and local chiefs joined hands with foreign traders one way or the other by imposing heavy customs duties on goods imported or exported through their territories, badly affecting the long-distance trade. In this era, sea trade was expanded though our land trade was disrupted.


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