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Solved English Precis exercise on “Bhoodan-Movement” complete Precis for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Solved Precis exercise on “Bhoodan-Movement”

Every country has faced the problem of land. Many countries are still facing it. At the time of the Russian Revolution, the land problem was acute in the U.S.S.R. The rich people controlled the land and the cultivators were landless. The Government of Russia forcibly took away all lands from the rich people by enacting adequate law. India too faced the land problem after independence. The rich men had monopolized all the lands. While the tillers were landless.

The “Bhoodan Movement” seeks to bring about a more equitable distribution of land. It is Vinoba Bhave a great follower of Mahatma Gandhi who took up this mission to solve the problem of land in India. The idea struck him in this way once when he was in the Telengana District-Hyderabad, Vinoba Bhave found that the landlords were very oppressive. The poor cultivators were growing in misery. Vinoba Bhave, then decided to appeal to the finer sense of the man. He appealed to landlords to make free gifts of their land. His appeal bore fruits. He received many acres of land from the landlords. The land thus received would be distributed among the landless tillers. This is the main idea behind the Bhoodan Movement.

Solved Precis.


The problem of landless persons existed because landlords adopted possessive and oppressive attitudes against landless cultivators. In India, it was realised by the great follower of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Vinoba Bhave, who appealed to landlords to gift away their lands to their brethren landless cultivators. Ellis appeal yielded fruits and landlords gifted away some part of their lands. This appeal is popularly known as Bhoodan Movement.


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