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“Sobriquets” general facts of the world , General Knowledge.




Blue mountains                                                 Nilgiri Hills, India

City of Palaces                                                   Calcutta, India

City of Seven Hills                                            Rome, Itlay

Empire City                                                        New York, U.S.A.

Garden of India                                                  Bangalore

Gift of Nile (River)                                             Egypt

Land of Kangaroo                                              Australia

Land of Rising Sun                                            Japan

Land of Midnight Sun                                      Norway

Land of White Elephant                                  Thailand

Pink City                                                              Jaipur

Roof of the World                                             Pamiris, Central Asia

Spice Garden of India                                      Kerala

City of Golden Temple                                    Amritsar, India

City of Skyscrapers                                          New York, U.S.A.

Cockpit of Europe                                            Belgium

Eternal City                                                       Rome, Italy

Gateway of India                                             Mumbai

Land of Golden Fleece                                   Australia

Land of thousand Lakes                                 Finland

Land of Morning Calm                                   Korea

Land of Five Rivers                                         Punjab (undivided)

Land of Tunderbolt                                         Bhutan

Playground of Europe                                    Switzerland

Sorrowe of Bengal                                           River Damodar, West

White City                                                         Belgrade, Yugoslavia


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