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Shorthand Stenography Online Course Chapter 10 “Types of Consonants”.

Types of Consonants

Types of Consonants are given below:-

1. Straight downward strokes : P B T D CH & J – as they are formed by straight lines in a downward motion. P & B are written with 120° degree angle, T & D with 90° degree angle and Ch & J with 30° degree angle, from the perpendicular.

2. Curved downward strokes: F V tH TH S Z SH & ZH – as they are the shallow curves with downward motion, the angle should be approx. 95°.

3. Horizontal strokes: K G M N & NG – as they are formed by lines and curves drawn horizontally, thus these are written at an angle of 180°.

4. Up strokes : L W & Y are written with upward motion, staring from the line. L is a shallow curve while W & Y are written straight with 30° degree angle.

Strokes R & H are written in both upward and downward forms. R downward is a shallow curve. R upward is written with a straight line with upward motion and with 30° degree angle from the horizontal.

Another division of strokes is according to the thinness and thickness of the strokes, thin which are represented by light characters and thick which are represented by heavy or thick characters. The light strokes may be written downward, upward and horizontally, while thick strokes are written downward and horizontally. A thick stroke is never written upward.


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