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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 8

8Mr. Deputy Speaker, sir after independence the govt. has on many occasions, used even the Rashtriya Swam Sewak to maintain law and order in this metropolitan city. It has been used to control traffic on the roads. The service of the organization has been sought on other places also for different purposes. It does not mean that they should be deprives of their rights. It is not proper; we cannot accept it. We want justice in this regard and we hope that justice will be meted out to them.

I would like to say two more things about the laborers. The first is regarding victimsation. There was some order issued in favor of 800 retrenched workers. ‘The govt. has to sort out this problem anyhow. It does not stand to my reasoning as to why the career of the workers should be spoiled for the reasons that they went on strike. The higher officers in railways do all sort of crimes but none of these are removed from services. Will the poor be kicked out? Will there be different rules for different persons? Even the militants who fight against our military and kill thousands of them are also called for a dialogue. They are given share in power. They are also given special privileges. Well the laborer’s view might be wrong but is the view of armed militant’s right?

The govt. do not hesitate in having negotiations with them but the poor must suffer. You may do it to some extent. But we should realize that the anger for manifestation in the form of terrorism in different shapes. ‘We have actually closed the door for solving the inhuman problem in a decent manner keeping the dignity of humanity intact. I would especially like to drive this point home to the mind of jaffer sheriff Saheb and I know what kind of mind and heart he possesses. I am not appreciating his virtues. My acquaintance with him is not new. We may behave political differences, but I know him and that is why AI have expectations from him and that is why I have expectations from him. When he is not able to work out things, how can I think, support his budget. That is why I am net in a position to support the budget although I want to support it. There is one issue related to Konakan Railway. It is a serious matter. Our colleague Shri Sirkant Jena had raised the issue of Orissa.


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