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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 9

9Mr. Chairman Sir, I rise to support the railway budget. The hon’ble railway minster Shri Jeffery Safief has presented this. Budget in the backdrop of severe financial crunch as a result of the dwindling budgetary support. Resource generation for the development is the main thrust. It is the focus of the budget. He has kept the increase in the passenger and freight fares to the inescapable minimum. Otherwise the acute financial problem will be more acute so,l there was no other alternative before the central govt.  there was no other option before the railway minster but to increase the freight rate by 12 per cent of ganger an additional revenue of Rs 1400 crores and to increase the fares by 10b per cent to garner an additional revenue of Rs. 431 cores. So, the total additional revenue in this budget which is presented on 12th Feb. is Rs. 1800 crores. Unless an innovative thrust is given to the railways finances and the technology is improves, the railways might stagnate and adversely affect the nation’[s growth. I urge upon the minister to go into the details of the financial management of Indian Railways. In the field of technology also there must a complete evaluation and an innovative study is necessary. It may be realized that since the railways provide the infrastructure for industries, agriculture defense, etc. the railway needs greater financial support budgetary support. Unfortunately, the support which is given from the Union budget is very low.

In this budget certain highlights are very important and we appreciate that. The formation of a new Capital fund is in the right direction; and this is to ensure availability of investible resources in future. This is a special feature in this budget. There is the initial capital of Rs. 370 crores and an additional fund of Rs. 1950 cores in the next year. This is one of the best decisions which are taken by the Railway Minister. There is a steep fall in the budgetary support and this is the main hurdle, as the hon’ble members from the other side have also mentioned. The railways should stand its own and it cannot compromise on the investment. The point is that we have to increase the productivity. How many years can we go on like this? We have to increase the productivity and that is the only way.


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