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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 54

new-doc-47_12Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the House to a very serious problem being faced by the 20 patients of Thalassaemia in our country. You will be surprised to know that Thalassaemia patients in Bombay are testing positive 40 for HIV during tests. At least 45 such cases have been detected among patients in the age 60 group of 5 to 15. Such cases have been detected in all the major hospitals in Bombay city but they 80 have no proper facility to test the blood. Thalassaemia patients have to be administered blood every mouth. So, instead of 100 our giving life to them we are giving them death. This is a serious thing which is happening.

            Secondly, in 120 AIIMS in Delhi the gap between detection of cancer and starting of treatment on a patient 140 is so much that many people died after detection and before getting treated in the hospital. Two years ago the number 160 of cases that were coming to the hospital was 2000 and now 7000 cases are coming every years 180 to the hospital. There is no facility for CT Scan and other machines and apparatus. The administration is also 200 not properly functioning. Sometimes various problems are being created in the hospitals. You know how diseases like cholera are developing 220 here and there and spreading creating health hazards. This is an immediate problem. Even in the case of this type 240 of dangerous diseases spread in the form of AIDS or cancer, proper arrangements for detection, treatment and eradication are lacking. 260 So, I urge upon the Government that these serious problems should be taken note of. The whole House should come 280 together to rescue our suffering brothers.

            Mr. Speaker, Sir, neither the Government has reached any settlement so far nor has it given any 300 amount to them. Similarly, a decision was taken eight years ago to deduct two per cent of wages of coal mine 320 workers and grant them pension on the basis of their deposits with the Government. Although two per cent share of the 340 labourers is being deducted from their wages, yet the Government is neither depositing its share nor paying the dues of 360 the workers. Therefore, I would like to warn the Government that it should settle the issues of the workers early, 380 otherwise they will go on strike.

            Sir, the Monopoly Cotton Procurement Scheme is in operation in the State of Maharashtra 400 for the last 22 years under the provisions of the Maharashtra Raw Cotton Procurement Processing and Marketing act, 1971.


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