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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 53

new-doc-47_11The present Government is very liberal. It has launched the liberalisation policy. If the Government does not have sufficient funds, 20 it should made arrangements to mobilize funds at any cost. Today. I would like to thank Lalooji for promoting industrialization 40 in Bihar by inviting Thai companies to invest there. The Government of India should also follow suit.  

            Sir, there are 60 several places in Gaya, which, if developed from tourist point of view, will not only increase the income of the 80 State Government but will also benefit the Government of India. Therefore, I would like to request the Central Government to 100 implement it expeditiously.

            Mr. Speaker, Sir, I fully agree with the statement given by our leader in the House just 120 now. I would like to explain it from a different angle. We receive the data regarding tourism from time to 140 time. As per the data available, the hotel at Bodh Gaya earns maximum revenue, among other hotels all over India 160 for the Government.

            The income is received in foreign currency and not in Indian rupee. A foreign tourist has to 180 go to Patna via Delhi before reaching Bodh Gaya and the distance between Patna and Bodh Gaya is 124 200 kilometres. Another route for Both Gaya is via Banaras and the total distance is 400 K.M. approximately.

            I 220 would like to request the Government, through you, that keeping in view the revenue received from Both Gaya Hotel in 240 foreign currency and the views expressed by our leader Sheri Shard Yadav, Gaya Airport should be developed. At the moment, 260 the Tourism Minister is not present in the House. He had assured that the Government will connect Gaya with air service 280 but it is still to materialize. I would like to request again that air service should be introduced up to Both 300 Gaya.

            Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am grateful to you for giving me time to speak. Three days ago, our leader 320 Shri Atal Hihari Vajpayee Ji had raised a very good issue relating to Dr Venu Gopal. I would also like 340 to raise a similar issue and express my happiness on this occasion. Last year, on 24th August, a suggestion was 360 given that birth anniversary of our national hero would champion and hocky wizard, late Dhayan Chand be celebrated every year 380 and it was accepted by the Government in December.

            Now, it is hoped that his birth anniversary will be celebrated 400 on coming August, 29 all over the country. In this regard, first of all, I would like to thank our 420 Hon’ble Prime Minister and the Government.


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