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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 45

new-doc-47_3Sir, there may be some differences of opining here and there, but generally, I found unanimity on the strict enforcement 20 of safety standards in the Indian Airlines. The Hon’ble Members have expressed their concern over the deterioration and some other 40 disturbing trends which have been noticed. The accident of one aircraft on 14th February has caused concern all over the 60 country, more so to the members of this august House. It is natural that we should feel concerned. But steps 80 are being taken to ensure the enforcement of safety standards in the Indian Airlines.

Firstly I would like to deal 100 with the points which have been made almost by all the Hon’ble Members and then I will come to the 120 points which Hon’ble Members have made individually. About the irregularities having been committed in the deal, many new stories have 140 also appeared. Members have made this point also. Sheri Son tosh Mohan Dave particularly referred to my statement made in Rajah 160 Sabah. The point-which I made and which I would like to repeat here-is that after the accident on 180 14th February, I have several times made it clear that my priority is to ensure safety standards to improve the 200 air services. Whenever the question about the irregularities having been committed in finalizing the deal was put to me, my 220 standard reply would be that, at the moment my priority is to improve the air services and to enforce very 240 strictly the safety standards in airlines. As far as the irregularity aspect is concerned, that can be inquired into, that 260 can be investigated at a later stage. But, at the moment, I am not going to address myself to that 280 question and this is what I said in Rajas Sabah also. While replying to some of the questions in both 300 the Houses, I have said earlier that Government has taken note of the stories of the allegations which have been made. 320 The proposal to review the deal is under the consideration of the Government. During the last two or three weeks, 340 this question had come two or three times in this House, not as starred Questions, but as Unstarred Question. It 360 was reported by the Press very widely and this is what I had said: Since I would further like to 380 reiterate that as far as Civil Aviation Ministry is concerned, our basic responsibility is to provide efficient air services to 400 enforce safety standards in the Airlines. Yes, we received complaints. We took note of the allegations which were made in 420 the Press.   


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