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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 46

new-doc-47_4Exactly that is my problem. The reason for grounding the fleet was not one accident outside Bangalore which happened 20 on 14th of February. It was most unfortunate; it was most tragic. I reached there almost within 3 hours of the 40 accident. So. Whatever I saw personally it was most traumatic. I do not want to go into those details. But 60 I would say that, despite the tragedy. I alone was not responsible for grounding the fleet. Subsequently, for three days, there 80 was a report of some major snag developed. Then this was deboarded; and after the snag was rectified, the passengers 100 refused to go back into the plane. We felt that somewhere a doubt had come in the mind of the 120 travelling public. First we must take steps to remove the doubt. If we did not remove those doubts and apprehensions, 140 even if we kept operating these planes, it would become useless. In fact, F I would like to make it clear 160 that it was not a tragically of 14th February because of which we immediately took a decision to ground the 180 fleet; no, this decision we took four days later.

Every one of us must have seen those reports which appeared 200 in the Press; and somehow, this doubt developed in the mind of the travelling public. I know the difficulty to 220 which the travelling public had been subjected to as a result of this decision to ground the fleet. After all, 240 it concers all air-buses having 14 years of life. But we had no other alternative; and today, even if 260 we go for the arrangement which the Hon’ble Members have mentioned it will take some time. So, let us we study 2880 various options which are available to us as I said, we have made the report available to the Commercial Pilots 300 Association also; and as I requested earlier, I would again like to request the Hon’ble Members that we should 320 make a differentiation. If any irregularity has been committed, as far as the deal is concerned, that is a question 340 which is independent of the air worthiness of safety aspect of the Airlines or of the aircraft.

As far as 360 air worthiness is concerned, it is not a question which will be decided by one committee which is appointed today. 380 We have a whole organization. Basically, Shri Harish Rawat wanted to know from me whether we have any organization like 400 the Federal Aviation Authority.


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