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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Governance and Politics” , Test 5 Minutes with 5 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 10


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Mr. Deputy Chairman, Sir, let me say, at the outset, that I too, like millions who voted this Government in/ am deeply enthused by the prospects of a transformation of our country’s governance and politics, and make no bones about/ either my optimism or high expectations from this Government over the next 60 months.

         10 Sir, even the most generous amongst/ us will admit that the country is facing serious and challenging times- a headwind self-created by many years of extravagance, / poor governance and brazen corruption.  This tasks, therefore, for this Government are neither easy nor simple.  The problems can’t be (100) wished away or tackled through statements and announcements alone, but with months and years of hard and decisive governance, actions/ and management of the economy. Sir, I believe the President’s Address is a good first step, and this, along with/ the forthcoming Budget could provide necessary stimulus for our economy to recover and transform it to a sustainably growing/ investing and a job-creating economy. Sir, while I support the Motion, let me put forth a new suggestions to/ the Government, First of all, Sir, I hope that regardless of the majority or strength in Parliament, this Government adopts (200) an approach of consensus and is sensitive to all sensible opinions made b Parliamentarians big or small.  Humility and consensus/ is more consistent with the notion of public service that Prime Minister Modi has described politics to be.  This in/ itself would be a big departure from the arrogance of the last ten years, where it seemed that opinions of/ small parties and individual MPs didn’t matter in any discourse.  Sir, I have a few more suggestions.  Some colleagues in / the Opposition have talked about ‘maximum governance and minimum government’ is absolutely the right thing, both in terms of the cost of the Government and the effectiveness of/ the Government vis-à-vis the citizens they serve.  The per capita on a PPP adjusted basis, the cost/ or our government is surely amongst the highest in the world, and, if adjusted for governance effectiveness, is probably amongst the/ least efficient in the world.

          Sir, I would argue that the concept of minimum government is not just about Ministers/ with multiple Ministries, unless these are bound together with cost-saving and efficiency synergies.  Some of the combinations currently do (400) not pass that test, and such bundling could actually end up slowing down the decision making.  Sir, maximum governance, on/ the other hand, apart from a hard-working.


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