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Science Project on “Saving Energy at School”, Project Experiment Topics on Environmental Science for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Saving Energy at School

Materials Required:

  1. Your school custodian
  2. A local builder
  3. Paper and pencil

Try to find out, is your school using energy efficiently. If not they are wasting valuable resources thereby increasing the schools expenses which affects not only your family but the community too. Start a research into these energy leaks with the help of your school custodians.

Enquire about the status of insulation in school buildings, how old are they, extent of damaged or missing insulation.

Also enquire, are the electric appliances shut off after everyone goes home? Try to find out is there anybody responsible to ensure everything is turned off at night? Do the heating and lighting systems have timers? What is the operating condition of electrical and mechanical equipments? The kind of question you may ask yourself :

Does the school have enough windows to allow the entry of warm solar energy during the winters and have proper shades to keep out the hot summer rays?

From which direction the wild comes from? Is the school building geared enough to protect from cold winds?

Do the windows and outside doors have drafts around them for windy and cold days? Compare the hotness of different rooms in winter and coolness in the summer. You may use a thermometer to check these.

Check for leaky faucets, or constantly flushing toilets in the rest rooms. Check on the temperature of the water coming from faucets, is it too hot? Check the thermostat settings, is it set too high? Also find out if the kitchen exhaust fan runs unnecessarily.

Interview some teachers and find out their role in energy conservation in their classes. How wisely they store and use paper, books etc. How well lit is the classroom with natural light, if the light is sufficient do they turn off electric lights during day time? Do they switch off the computers, printers and other gadgets when not in use? Take ideas from local builder or architect on energy efficiency for your school building. Compile your findings and make a report for the school. Put in your suggestions. Some of the things will be difficult to change and for some, work with your teacher to see to it they are taken care of like switching off the lights after everybody has left. Recycle the used papers which are normally thrown as trash. Ask everybody to use the other side of the paper for scribbling notes. To supplement your report you may attach photographs showing both good and bad points in your school building.


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