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Science Project on “Insulation”, Project Experiment Topics on Energy in Different Forms for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.


Materials Required:

  1. Two shoe boxes
  2. Adhesive tape
  3. Transparent plastic food wraps
  4. Scissors
  5. Two thermometers
  6. Modelling clay
  7. Styrofoam sheets, of about 1/2 inch thickness
  8. Paper and pencil

When houses are made, builders often install a particular thing in houses, which in summers, prevents the cool, air-conditioned air of the rooms to go out and in winters, prevents the room heater’s warm air from escaping.

This aspect of house making is known as Insulation and they are categorized by the “R-rating” that the house contains. They usually represent thick blankets of cotton candy and their colour is generally black or pink.

With this experiment, we can prove, the functioning of insulating materials. To carry it out, first remove the lid from a shoe box. Prop the box up height wise.

Use your scissors and carve out a window in the front of the box. Remember that the window should be carved in the top quarter of the box.

Once the window is made, cover it with the help of a transparent plastic food wrap that you have. Repeat the same process for the other boxes that you have. Now turn the box around and with the help of your adhesive tape, stick the Styrofoam sheets to the three walls and make a roof. Once this is done, put a little bit of modeling clay to the “floor” of your box and attach a thermometer to them, in each box.

The thermometers will measure the air temperature inside the two boxes.

Now that the entire setup is complete, cover the back of your boxes with the help of transparent plastic food wraps and stick them there with the help of an adhesive tape.

Place the two boxes in front of a sunny window, where the sunlight can come in, through the “window” of your boxes.

After a time span of one to two hours, check out the temperatures inside the two boxes and find out which box remains cooler for a longer period of time.


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