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Science Project on “Insulated from Water”, Project Experiment Topics on Human Beings, Animals Plants for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Insulated from Water

Materials Required:

  1. Several thick books
  2. Ten large, broad tree leaves
  3. Two rulers
  4. Paper towel
  5. Small glass of water
  6. A pencil or stick

In order to live, the trees absorb water from the ground through their deep roots. Even though rain falls on the leaves, trees do not get water through them.

This is because the surface of the leaves are waterproof. This keeps the water, already in the tree intact, without any evaporation. Can we prove that tree leaves are waterproof?

Stack some books on top of each other so that the pile is two to three inches (5-8 cm) high. Lay two rulers against the books, to make a ramp.

The rulers should be spaced three to four inches (8- 10cm)apart. Place a piece of paper towel underneath the ramp.

Gather about ten large tree leaves, broad ones like the leaves from sycamore or some oak trees.

Lay the leaves down on the rulers, starting at the bottom of the ramp and overlapping the leaves, as you go higher. The top of the leaves on your ramp must face upwards and their bottom downwards.

When you have completely covered the entire ramp with the over-lapping leaves, take a pencil or a stick.

Press it down between the rulers from the top to the bottom to make a little trough, or path, for the water to flow through, when you start to pour.

Place a few sheets of paper towel at the bottom of the ramp, to catch any water that runs down and off the leaves. Slowly, start pouring a little bit of water, at the top of the ramp.

Pour it in the middle, between the rulers, so that the trough keeps the water from spilling over the sides.

If the leaves are waterproof, water will run down the leaves and the paper towel placed underneath the ramp will stay dry.

What did you observe? Are the leaves waterproof?

A tree’s leaf is like an umbrella. After a rain shower, look at and feel the ground under a tree. Is it drier under the tree?

That means it can be a good place to stand, if you want to remain dry during a shower.

Never stand under a tree during a thunderstorm. It is a very dangerous thing to do, because lightning can strike the tree.

Look at the bottom of the leaves. Are they dry? Do pine needles float? If so, they may be waterproof.


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