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Science Project on “Distribution of Solar Energy”, Project Experiment Topics on Environmental Science for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Distribution of Solar Energy

Materials Required:

  1. Nails
  2. A six-inch long piece of wood
  3. A fishing rod and reel
  4. Strings
  5. A thermometer
  6. Also an aquarium thermometer
  7. Metal washers
  8. Pencil and paper

Are all the parts of a water body heated uniformly by the sun’s rays? Like in a lake does the temperature of surface water is the same as the water several feet down?

Take a guess which will be warmer, water at surface or water several feet down?

To test this , you can check out the temperature of the water near the shore by dipping a thermometer at the edge. But to get the real temperature of the lake one needs to go into the middle or at least close to it.

To do this we need to construct a small “boat” made out of wood. Hang one thermometer below it and second, floating thermometer can be attached to the stern.

To make a simple boat, cut a piece of wood about 6 inches long. Using a thumbnail attach a string to the regular thermometer and fasten to the other end to the boat.

Ensure thermometer should hang at least 2 feet from the wooden boat. Tie the other floating Thermometer to a short string to the boat using another nail. You can search for floating thermometer in aquarium supply stores. Locate a nearby pond ask an elder to accompany you.

First test the temperature of the water near the shoreline, by dipping a thermometer in the water. Let it be there for around three minutes then remove the thermometer and take down the reading.

Get the wooden boat into the lake, attach your fishing reel to your boat with the help of a nail. Push the boat into the center of the pond with all instruments attached to it. Wait for three or four minutes to allow the thermometers to change temperature properly.

Drag the boat quickly and take down the readings. While dragging the thermometer back ensure that the shoreline where you are standing should have a sandy patch as rocky bottom may damage the thermometers.

Which of the thermometer reads the warmest temperature? Was your guess correct?


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