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Science Project on “Fun Without Electricity”, Project Experiment Topics on Environmental Science for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Fun Without Electricity

Materials Required:

  1. Pencil Er paper
  2. Research
  3. Electric power company bill (optional)
  4. Television game console, computer

In older times, people used to amuse themselves with games like chess, boards, cards and other objects. Now obviously, with electricity and its appliances, these games have made way for computer and video games. As a matter of fact, even card games like Solitaire and Hearts are now played on the computer, rather than in reality.

Make a list of the games that can be played both on the computer and also off it.

Now for the research, refer to the owner’s manual and find out what is the appliance’s power consumption.

The consumption figure is generally listed in the unit “watts”: Power charges are applied on the basis of the kilowatt usage of an appliance. So now, you can find out the amount of electricity your video game and television consume. Just for an example, let us take them to be at 200 watts combined. Now to measure the charges, divide them by 1000, so as to determine the kilowatt usage of the same. It amounts to 0.200 kilowatts of electric charge.

With the help of an electricity bill, find out how much money is charged for 1 kilowatt hour of power and multiply that with 0.200 kilowatts that you have deciphered. Once you get the figure, you will realize that a lot of money is spent on these games, which you can play off the computer as well.

Try and make the change!


Making Electricity

The simplest form of a generator that you may be using is your bicycle dynamo. It is the small gadget that rotates by touching the wheel of your bicycle and produces a current for lighting up the light on your bicycle.

In reality it is just a reverse motor. Hence instead of consuming power, it produces power.

In this case the driving force is coming from your bicycle wheel. Windmills too help produce electricity. The blades of a windmill are connected to a reverse motor with the help of shafts and gears. When wind blows and the blades of the windmill start turning, they cause a coil of wire to rotate between 2 magnets and this produces an electric current which can be utilized in lighting up bulbs.

When the power stations produce electricity, it is done a little differently. There are magnets which revolves within a coil of wire. When these magnets turn round and round, electricity is generated on a very large scale.


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