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Sample Paper of Information Practice 2014 for class 11, CBSE. Paper No.1

Sample Paper – 2014
Class – XI
Subject –
Informatics Practices

Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                                         M.M: 70

Q1. (I) what will be the result of the following expressions?                                     4

  1. ++i<=10
  2. i++<=10
  3. Y=++x
  4. Y=x++

Assume value of i = 10 and x= 42

(II) What output the following code fragment produce?                                     6

 int val , res, n=1000;

res=n+Val>1750? 400:200;



  1. If the input is 2000
  2. If the input is 1000
  3. If the input is 500

Q2. Define the following:                                                                         5 x 2 = 10

  1. JVM
  2. Visual Programming
  3. Containers’ or container controls?
  4. Widget
  5. Implicit and explicit type conversion

Q3. a. Distinguish between a unary, a binary and a ternary operator. Give example of java operators for each one of them.                                                                                         3

  1. Define operator. How is unary operator different from binary operator? Explain with suitable example.             3
  2. Write the equivalent java expressions for the following expressions: 4

(i) ut+1/2 ft2                                 (ii) e|2×2-4x|

Q4. Write code for the following:                                                            3+4+3

  1. To print first n natural numbers and their sum
  2. To obtain a single digit(0-9) and display it in words
  3. To print numbers from 1 to 10 using for loop

Q5.a. Define Function. Explain the following function with suitable example. 10

  • CONCAT()
  • SUBSTR()
  • Instr()
  • MOD()
  • SIGN()
  • SQRT()
  • DATE()
  • NOW() 

Q6. Write the queries for the following:                                 10 X 1 = 10

  1. Modify the last name of employee3, to punia
  2. Remove the entire contents of the table
  3. Change the data type of column pincode to varchar(10) in the table customer
  4. Add a primary key constraint to the table employee2 using the empid column.
  5. List all department numbers in table empl.
  6. How many job types are offered to employees?
  7. To display the name, job title and salary of employee who do not have manager.
  8. To display name, age and marks (aggregate) of students whose age is greater than or equal to 16 from table student.
  9. To list the employees’ details whose grade are other than G1.
  10. To display the structure of table student.

Q7.  a. Create a table employee as per following Table Instance Chart:      3

Column Name Empid empname Empaddress empphone empsal deptid
Key Type Primary
Nulls/Unique Not null
DataType number varchar varchar Varchar number varchar
Length 6 20 30 10 9,2 2


  1. Write the disadvantages of using database system. 3
  2. Define the following: 4


(i) Primary key

(ii) Domain

(iii) Cardinality

(iv)  Attribute


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