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Sample Paper of Computer Science 2014 for class 11, CBSE. Paper No.3

Sample Paper – 2014
Class – XI
Subject –
Computer Science

General Instructions:

  1. All Questions are compulsory.
  2. Programming Language is C++.



  1. i) State the basic units of the computer and give function of each of the unit . 2
  2. ii) What is difference between interpreter and complier? 2

iii) Explain briefly the major innovations in generations of computer.                            3

  1. iv) write short on booting process                                                                      2
  2. v) Expand the following: BIOS, ASCII                                                           1


2 .

  1. i) Define operating system ?Give the 2 examples of operating systems              2
  2. ii) What are the functions of the operating system? 3

iii)   Write the 4- examples of DOS commands.                                                   2

iv)Explain the different types of Operating Systems                                            3



  1. i) What are the difference between a keyword and an identifier?                    2
  2. ii) How will you include comments in c++? How many types of comments are there in c++ language?                                                                                  2

iii) Why  include iostream.h in c++ programming                                                          2

  1. iv) What do you mean by cascading ?.Give the examples. 2
  2. v) What are the differences between syntax and runtime errors? Give example. 2



  1. i) Write a short notes on Fundamental data types . 3
  2. ii) What is type coasting ? Explain with example.                     2

iii) Distinguish between a unary, binary and a ternary operator. Give example of c++ operators for each one of them.                                                                   3

  1. iv) Write the equivalent C++ expression for the following expressions: 2
  2. b) p+q/(r+s)4



  1. i) Define Flow chart and Algorithm . 2
  2. ii) Draw a flowchart that picks the largest of three given numbers 3

iii) Write an algorithm to find whether a given number is odd or even                    3

  1. iv) Draw the symbol used in the flow chart for connector and comments(annotations)                                                                                2



  1. i) Name the header files required for successful execution of a program that uses the following components:                                                                                    1
  1. i) getch() ii) ceil( )
  2. ii) Write a program in C++ to accept marks in five subjects for a student and display  the average mark.                                                                                          3

iii) Write a program in c++ to convert temperature in Celcious to Fahrenheit?      3

  1. iv) What will be the output of the following code fragment? 3




                        int year;

                        cin>> year;

                        if((year % 100= =0) && (year%400= =0))





                                  cout<<” Not  a century year.

If the input given is

  1. 2000
  2. 1900
  • 1971



  1. i) Predict and correct the logical error present in the following code fragment: 1




                             cout<<” NOT ONE”;


  1. ii) Write a program to calculate the area of a circle or triangle or rectangle according to the choice given by the user.                                                                     3


iii) Write a program to print whether a given character is an uppercase or lowercase of a digit or any other character. Use ASCII for it .The ASCII codes are as given below :                                   4


Characters                                         ASCII range


            ‘ o’  –  ‘9’                                             48  –  57

‘A’  – ‘Z’                                              65  –  90

‘a’  – ‘z’                                               97  – 122

Other characters                                0  –   125 excluding the above mentioned


  1. iv) Convert the following conditional statement into its equivalent if-else statement. N=((a<b)?a:b);                                                                                           2


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