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Sample Follow Up Letter Format, complete letter of Follow up example.

Follow Up Letters

In business it is important to be in a regular contact with the client. Follow up letter is a good way of doing so. After sending quotation about your product it is the next step to follow up. The letter should be to the point and polite. Include the details of your previous letter and briefly explain about your company.

Follow Up Letter – Sample Follow Up Letter

A Follow up is when someone has been informed or reminded about something but has not taken any action on it so there is need to remind her/him once again. The follow up reminder can be for renewal of contract, follow up sales call, follow up on after sales service, follow up on a resume sent for a job, etc. A follow up can be from the organization’s side or from the individual’s side depending upon the situation that each one is in.

A Follow Up Letter is written to revisit a, reminder that had been sent earlier. These days since customer is considered king and is always right, most companies ensure that there are a few follow ups before the deal is considered fallen through. Even though a Follow Up Letter is the repeated reminder for something, it cannot be taken for granted that the deal will still go through. It all depends on the customer’s experience with the organization.

Dos and Don’ts’s of Follow Up Letter

  • A Follow Up Letter should be sent only after the first letter was not responded to
  • It should always mention the date when the first letter was sent to convey to the reader that this actually is a Follow Up Letter
  • The letter should be short and brief
  • The tone of the Follow Up Letter should not sound threatening
  • If a deadline needs to be met then that too should be mentioned in the letter to create the urgency of the letter with the reader
    • To reconfirm the urgency of the letter it should ideally be sent by courier or hand delivered
  • A Follow Up Letter apart from giving details of what it is following up for, it should also give reference to contexts of – any invoice or bill number, etc
  • There should be no grammatical or punctuation errors



Sample Follow Up Letter 


__________________(Name and address of reader)  


Subject: Follow up letter for AMC renewal of water purifier

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in continuation to our letter dated wherein we had informed you that the AMC number of your water purifier model number  is expiring on   (date). Since we have not yet got a confirmation from your end to renew the AMC, we are writing this follow up letter. We would urge you to please treat this intimation as urgent and renew the

AMC latest by_________ (date) failing which any fault with the water purifier will be repaired on payment as per actual.

Please feel free to call our representatives at the numbers given below for any clarifications.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. Best Regards

(Name of sender)


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