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Reply letter to the brother from boarding School.

Reply letter to the brother from boarding School.

Dear Barun

Yours was the letter I was badly waiting for, because besides being my elder brother you are also my best friend. Your letter really made me quite sentimental. In fact, I returned from my football session to find your letter and who knows me better than you. Give my regards to father and mother and tell both of them not to worry. The person I miss here most is you. I was quite happy to know about Shailesh. Whoever thought that the duffer would join the Indian Army. Convey him my congratulations. I’m sure he is going to miss his girlfriend, Kavita. As for me, right now I’m concentrating on my studies and on an intelligent girl, Mini. The crowd out here is quite cool and not much ragging. How’s your affair? Hope it is going steady. I think, it is high time you tied the knot. Give my love to Mrinalini.

I will get my tickets reserved very soon. As regards money, well, can you spare me Rs. 500/-? I really remember you whenever I have a cash crunch and it was so very sweet of you to mention the matter yourself.

So much for now. Remembering you with love,



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