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Reading for Pleasure – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – Reading for Pleasure

The pleasures of reading are indeed many folds. People read various books or magazines according to their taste.

Reading for pleasure is an excellent use of one’s time. Both rich and poor can enjoy reading books as most of the books are costly. There are many libraries where one can get books of one’s choice. Books keep us busy and thus keep us away from bad company. They provide us company as well as pleasure. We learn a lot about our past history, culture, and evolution. Reading for pleasure is a good and profitable pastime. Reading helps us distinguish right from wrong. It develops our power reasoning and imagination.

Reading also helps us to comprehend quickly. It improves our skills in the language we read. Thus, it helps us to score be marks than others in examinations.

There are innumerable books on great men of the world. We come to know of their lives and ways how they achieve success in life. They guide us to achieve our goals in life. There is the true source of inspiration.

We should read only good books which are treasures of knowledge. They help us to overcome our problems. They make our lives run smoothly even in distress. In these days’ competitions, they lead us to the path of success. Knowledge is power. The pleasure of reading gives us infinite satisfaction as well as knowledge. By reading books on his- tory, politics, literature, and religion we get to know all about the past and the present of mankind. The habit of reading leaves no time for loneliness, depression or frustration. On the other hand, they embolden, console, and soothe us even in hard times. So, everyone must cultivate the habit of reading good books written by learned men, saints, and philosophers. Bacon, the father of essayists rightly said: ‘Reading maketh a full man’. Reading leads to writing. Thus: ‘Writing maketh an exact man’.


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