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Value of Newspapers – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – Value of Newspapers



In olden days news used to travel at a low pace – at a horse’s gallop through dak. Then with the coming of the press, one could get much news through newspapers. It is the cheapest means of sending or reading news of different events and occurring by crores of people all over the world.

Newspapers provide us with the latest news not for our country but also of the other countries of the world. They keep us abreast with the different events as well as past events of the world.

Newspapers enrich our knowledge on different events, topics as well as subjects. In a democratic nation, they are important means of expressing our views or knowing the views of others. Through the columns of newspapers, people praise or criticize the government or its policies. We come to know about various problems facing the country and also views of solving them.

No doubt newspapers are an important link between the people and the government.

In recent times they are also a mode of advertisement, the cheapest and the best. We can express our grievances and suggest measures of reform. Thus, newspapers serve as a means of check on the wrong policies of the government.

Newspapers prepare us for different competitive examinations. They provide us with general knowledge and knowledge about different topics. Good newspapers enhance Our knowledge in the language they are printed. There are various columns of great importance such as matrimonial, property, situations vacant, lost and found columns. Thus, newspapers are very important for all of us in innumerable ways.

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