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Pte Essay on “Some people believe that the world is much less safe today than it used to be”

Some people believe that the world is much less safe today than it used to be. There are still many wars being fought, and high-tech weapons are sold openly to any country that wants to buy them. In cities, violent crime is increasing every year. It is not a very safe world in which to bring up children. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer.


The world today is not as safe as it is supposed to be. Every day, people wake up with news of massacres, floods, droughts, hurricanes and communal violence. Thousands of children become homeless and parentless due to wars between countries. Hence, it is not ridiculous to say that the world now is not safe for children.

Countries throughout the world are spending huge amounts of money on developing lethal weapons and people always live in fear of combats. Weapons have become so sophisticated and powerful that can destroy the whole planet in a few seconds. It is ironic to note that all these happen when a large population dies due to poverty and starvation. Though modern technology has brought a lot of new inventions that make the life of people comfortable, like vehicles and electronic goods, it also brought some inevitable side effects.

Some other problems faced by the new generation are environmental degradation and the consequent health problems. Due to reckless industrialization and environmental destruction, pollution levels rose manifold giving birth to many life-threatening and incurable diseases. Yet another problem is the degradation of social values. Despite efforts from the part of governments, crime rate is on rise and moral values have taken a nose dive.

From the above discussion, it becomes evident that the world is not as secure as it was before and human activities are the main reason behind this change.


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