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Pte Essay on “Do you think people have different mind setup?” If yes, explain why

Do you think people have different mind setup? If yes, explain why.


There is no denying the fact that different people have different thinking and different mind setups. I completely accord with the statement. The reasons can vary according to the situations and contextual prospects. The persuasive reasons have been enlisted in the following piece of writing.

The confluence of background and the far sightedness impacts the thinking equally. No one can escape from this. The shaping of human behaviour as well as the psychological set up are the products of outer and inner rays of situations. The outer environment make human beings think accordingly the situations that are prevailing in the society. The scenes that are witnessed by naked eye can be influential. In addition to this, the stream of consciousness as propagated by the seventeenth century writers has also worth mentioning. The human beings live another life inside and this makes them psychologically different.

The contextual factor has wide arena to cover in making the human beings separate and distinguish based on their beliefs and values. For instance, socially and culturally different people have different values. They tend to think according to their lifelong learning from the society in which they live. Apart from this, the education can impact them. The young students have holistic thinking while the traditional and old people are conservative and they Telamon stick to the old beliefs. Moreover, it has been observed that the more travelled people see the world with the feeling of oneness rather than peeping through narrow creeks of nationalism.

All in all , it can be concluded that the attitudes shape behaviour and the outer appearance is the product of inner waves that keep on oscillating within the human beings. The driving forces vary from one to another person depending upon the situations.


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