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Pte Essay on “No one wants others to invade his or her privacy” What is your opinion about this?

No one wants others to invade his or her privacy. What is your opinion about this?

Now a days everyone is conscious about the fact that personal life is very precious and it should not be invaded by the others. It has been also listed in the fundamental rights that everyone has the right to live according to their choice. I completely accord with the statement that privacy should not be invaded by anyone. The reasons has been listed below.

To initiate with the first and foremost reason is that it is the personal matter of every human being to lead the life of their own choice. If others attract their privacy he feels irritated and annoyed. The growth can be obstructed by the interruption of others. This is the reason that no one is happy with the fact that others must get involved into their lives. In addition to this, the fact that matters is the individual value of each and every person. The people should respect every other person.

Moving further, the psychological impact is very bad if others poke their nose into affairs of any person. There are some matters that are confidential. If the secret details are lost there will be bad impact. The loss can be social, emotional or financial. The intellectual people are very conscious about their way of living. They seek isolation in order to produce something creative. This can hinder the path of their productivity.

To wrap it up, I would like to say that each and everyone must respect and maintain the limits. It will make the relationships more good and respectful.


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