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Previous Year Solved Question Paper of “Web Application- Code 803” for Class 12 NSQF Vocational, CBSE Session 2019-2020.

Web Application (Subject Code- 803)
Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 Session 2019-2020
Max. Time: 3 Hours                              Max. Marks: 60

Q. 1 Answer. any 4 out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills (1 x 4 = 4 marks)

i. Mr. Mahesh is telling a story to all his students. He made it an interesting activity by involving all the students. Identify the skill being developed by the teacher in students:
1. Problem solving

b) Active listening

c) Trust building

d)Writing Skills
Ans. : b) Active listening

ii. ___________ is relatively enduring set of traits.
a) Loyalty

b) Dreamer


Ans. : Personality

iii. Janvi is feeling extremely nervous and worried because she believes that other people do not like her or are trying to harm her.
Identify the personality disorder from the following:
a) AntiSocial

b) Schizoid

c) Paranoid

d) Narcissistic .doc
Ans. : c) Paranoid

iv. Extension of an OpenOffice Calc file is ____________
a) .doc

b) .odx

c) .ODP

d) .odc
Ans. : .odc

v. Entrepreneurial behavior requires certain knowledge, skills or personality profile and it is called as
a) Fear of failure
b) Entrepreneurial Competence
c) Entrepreneurial Capacity
d) Entrepreneurial Training
Ans. : b) Entrepreneurial Competence

vi. RWHS stands for ____________________
a) Reduce Water Harvest System

b) Rain Water Harvesting System

b) Rain with Harvest System

d) Reuse Water for Harvest System
Ans. : b) Rain Water Harvesting System

Q. 2 Answer. any 5 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i Which one of the following is not a feature of movie editing tool
a) Video filters
b) Image transitions
c) Text
d) Image transfer
Ans. : d) Image transfer

ii __________ is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms (98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7)
a) Adobe
b) Virtual Dub
c) Windows Movie Maker
d) T@b Zs4
Ans. : VirtualDub

iii ____________ is an offline playback, editing, encoding, animation and visual effects tool based on the Jahshaka technology that allows you to create professional digital media on your desktop.
a) Adobe
b) Windows Movie Maker
c) Cinefx
d) Wax
Ans. : c) Cinefx

iv Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the ____________________.
a) GNU General Public License
b) Proprietary License
c) Unix License
d) Public License
Ans. : GNU General Public License

v _______________ is the complete 3D movie making software application for all abilities.
a) PowerPoint
b) Document Writer
c) Movie Storm
d) PaintBrush
Ans. : c) Moviestorm

vi ___________ is the media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing
a) Multimedia
b) Image
c) Audio
d) Light
Ans. : Multimedia

vii The term “rich media” is synonymous for ________________
a) Audio/sound
b) Broadcasting
c) Multimedia
d) Interactive multimedia
Ans. : d) Interactive multimedia

Q. 3 Answer. any 6 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

i The most common way to discover the type of a file, is to look at the ____________
a) File name
b) File extension
c) Directory of file
d) File size
Ans. : b) File Extension

ii swf, .wav, .mp3, and .mp4 are examples of ____________
a) Image files
b) Document files
c) Movie/ multimedia files
d) Deleted files
Ans. : Movie/ multimedia files

iii A _____________ is one composed of a field of pixels, each characterized by a color, and is usually created in paint programs
a) 3-d image
b) Raster Image
c) Vector Image
d) Curved image
Ans. : b) Raster Image

iv ____________ is an example of lossless image file format.
a) GIF
b) Jpeg
c) jpg
d) jfif
Ans. : a) GIF

v A _______ file is a standard Macintosh image file format and can be either a raster image or a vector image, depending on the program that created it.
a) Bmp
b) Jpeg
c) Pdf
d) Pict
Ans. : d) Pict

vi MIDI is an acronym for _______________
a) Musical Instrument Digital Interface
b) Music Incorporated digital Interface
c) Musical Instruction Digital Interlace
d) Media Interactive Digitalized Instrument
Ans. : a) Musical Instrument Digital Interface

vii ________________ is a wizard program for Windows and Mac that helps users easily insert video to the website or blog, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.
b) Video LightBox
c) PaintBrush
d) Window Movie Maker
Ans. : Video LightBox

Q. 4 Answer. any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i The ____________ tag is the web standard for embedding content on to a web page
a) <p>
b) <object>
c) <html>
d) <content>
Ans. : b) <object>

ii Identify the statement that is false with respect to JavaScript:
a) JavaScript is Object Oriented programming language.
b) JavaScript function can accept another function as a parameter
c) It is possible to instantiate the defined object types to create object instances in
d) The users cannot use JavaScript to add multimedia elements.
Ans. : d) The users can use JavaScript to add multimedia elements.

iii In JavaScript, objects are just collections of _________ pairs.
a) Variable name
b) Name-value
c) Integer-string
d) Value value
Ans. b) Name – value

iv DOM stands for __________________________
a) Document Of model
b) Document object Model
c) Defined objects Model
d) Definite Object Model
Ans. : b) Document Object Model

v ________________ tag alerts browser about the scripting language JavaScript
a) <Head>
b) <Body>
c) <Script>
d) <language>
Ans. : c) <Script>

vi !=, <, >, >= are examples of
a) Arithmetic operators
b) Bitwise Operators
c) Logical Operators
d) Relational Operator
Ans. d) relational operators

Q. 5 Answer. any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i Extension of JavaScript files is ________
a) .html
b) .js
c) .jsc
d) .java
Ans. : .js

ii ________ is called as Bitwise Shift Right with Zero Operator, the bits shifted in on the left are always zero.
a) <<
b) <<<
c) >>>
d) >>
Ans. : c) >>>

iii A ___________ is a classification of the type of data that a variable or object can hold.
a) Datatype
b) Number
c) Variable
d) Object
Ans. a) Data Type

iv Numbers in JavaScript are double-precision ___________.
a) 16 bit format
b) 32 bit format
c) 8 bit format
d) 64 bit format
Ans. : d) 64 bit format

v Built-in object called ______ is used to handle more advanced mathematical functions and constants.
a) Calculus
b) Maths
c) math
d) Sum
Ans. c) math

vi _____________ is used to convert string to integer
a) Integer()
b) ParseInt()
c) parseInt()
d) Stringtoint()
Ans. : c) parseInt

Q. 6 Answer. any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i Output of the following would be parseInt(“011”,8)
a) 3
b) 9
c) 11
d) 2
Ans. : b) 9

ii ____ is the extension for Photoshop files.
a) .pds
b) .pdf
c) .psd
d) .psf
Ans. : c) .psd

iii _________________ are the special effects that can be applied to a web page just like any presentation software.
a) Page Transition
b) Image transposition
c) Image manipulation
d) Formatting
Ans. : a) Page Transition

iv DWT stands for ____________
a) Dynamic Website Transition
b) Dynamic Website Template
c) Dynamic Web Template
d) Dynamically Working Template
Ans. : c) Dynamic Web Template

v Consider the two statements
i) When you update the DWT, all web pages in the website are automatically
updated to changes.
ii) You can create multiple DWT and keep changing just the template that affects the entire website.
Select the correct option from the following :
a) Only statement i) is correct
b) Only statement ii) is correct
c) Both statements are correct
d) Both statements are wrong
Ans. c) Both statements are correct

vi SEO stands for
a) Search Entire Organization
b) Sort Entire Optimizer
c) Search Engine Optimization
d) Strong Engine Optimization
Ans. c) Search Engine Optimization

Section B: Subjective Type Questions

Answer. any 3 out of the given 5 questions on Employability Skills (2 x 3 = 6 marks)
Answer. each question in 20 – 30 words.

Q. 7 Explain any preposition phrase and noun phrase with an example
Ans. :
Prepositional Phrase A prepositional phrase always starts with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun (and its modifiers) that is called the object of the preposition.
Example • Through the wheat field (here the Preposition: through and Object of the preposition: the wheat field).
A noun phrase is any noun or pronoun along with its modifiers.
Example – • The school children • Yesterday’s newspaper

Q. 8 Explain any two sources of motivation and inspiration.
Ans. : Two sources of inspiration and motivation are :
i) Music: Music is the language of the soul. A good inspiring piece touches every heart and can help create miracles
ii) ExpAns.ive thoughts: Thinking and discussing big and positive ideas motivate us to reach our highest potential.

Q. 9 Mohit has to prepare a report of data of sales. The data sheet is prepared in Open Office Calc. He has to select data from various zones and then has to display data in an order. Explain features of Calc that will help him arrange data in an order. Also suggest an appropriate function in Calc to view the highest sales in a zone.
Ans.: Sorting rearranges the range of cells but filtering only hides temporarily the rows/columns you do not want.
Max( ) : The MAX function is used to find the maximum of numbers in a given range of cells.

Q. 10 Explain any two competencies that can be developed through training, experience and guidance in a budding entrepreneur
Ans. : Two competencies that can be developed through training in a budding entrepreneur are :
1. Seeking and Acting on Opportunity: An entrepreneur is always on the look-out or searching for opportunity and is ready to exploit it in the best interests of the enterprise.
2. Persistence: An entrepreneur is never disheartened by failures and keeps trying, adapting and iterating to overcome obstacles that come in the way of achieving goals.

Q. 11 Explain the role of green jobs in
i) Improving energy and raw material use
ii) Limiting greenhouse gas emission
Ans. : i) Improving energy and raw material use : The energy produced through hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants has grave consequences on the environment.
ii) Limiting green-house gas emission: With the promotion of use of renewable sources in our homes and daily life, green jobs promise to limit the emission of harmful gases.

Answer. any 3 out of the given 5 questions in 20 – 30 words each (2 x 3 = 6 marks)

Q. 12 WAX can create Special effects and can work in two modes. Explain the two modes.
Ans. : Wax can create 2D & 3D special effects and can work in two modes –
i) as a standalone application which would appeal for home users/beginners, and as a “plug-in” to video editors/NLEs which would be more useful for professional editors

Q. 13 Explain any two advantages of using multimedia files on web pages
Ans. : Two advantages are :
Greater Immersion: Adding multimedia elements to a Web page make it easier to draw in viewers. While video is the most popular multimedia addition,
Enhanced Page Rankings for SEO: it has been observed that websites with videos are many times more likely than text-based websites

Q. 14 Sunil has written following code to store subjects in an array and display the total number of subjects in the array. His code is not running properly. Identify and underline the syntax errors in the following code and write the corrected code:
function countsubs( )
Var Subject = [“Eng” , “Math”, “Science” , “Hindi”];
Document.write (subject.length)
Ans. :
function countsubs( )
var Subject = [“Eng” , “Math”, “Science” , “Hindi”];

Q. 15 Explain the term Add-ins and Snippets.
Ans. :
Add-ins extends the capability of the main program by adding enhanced custom commands and specialized features.
Snippets are pieces of programs re-used by most developers. Snippets are useful as you can keep reusing the code created many times across multiple web pages or web sites saving enormous amount of time and effort.

Q. 16 Explain Kompozer and Dreamweaver as a web authoring tool.
Kompozer : KompoZer is an open source WYSIWYG HTML editor. KompoZer complies with the W3C’s web standards.
Adobe Dreamweaver is another popular authoring tool used widely. Adobe Dreamweaver supports a variety of scripting languages such as JavaScript, VBScript, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. apart from standard support for HTML & CSS.

Answer. any 2 out of the given 3 questions in 30– 50 words each (3 x 2 = 6 marks)

Q. 17 Explain the three panes of the Windows Movie Maker.
Ans. : Three panes of Windows Movie Maker :
 The Tasks pane lists the common tasks that may be needed to perform while making a movie, including importing files, editing, and publishing your movie.
 The Collections pane displays our collection folders, which contain clips. The collection folders appear in the Collections pane on the left, and the clips in the selected collection folder are displayed in the Contents pane on the right.
The Contents pane shows clips, effects, or transitions that are working with while creating our movie, depending on the view being worked with. We can change the view to show thumbnails or details.

Q. 18 Explain the following functions with respect to JavaScript:
a) Substring
b) Concat()
c) Shift()
Ans. :
a) Substring : Extracts the characters from a string, between two specified indices
b) Concat() : Joins two or more strings, and returns a copy to the joined strings
c) Shift() : Removes the first element of an array and returns that element

Q. 19 Write a function in JavaScript which accept three numbers as arguments and display the greatest number
Ans. :
function greatest(n1, n2, n3)
{ if (n1>n2)
If (n1>n3)
alert(“greatest number is : “+ n1);
document.write(“greatest number is : “ + n3);
else if ( n2>n3)
document.write(“greatest number is : “ + n2);
document.write(“greatest number is : “ + n3);

Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions in 50– 80 words each (4 x 3 = 12 marks)

Q. 20 i) Differentiate between splitting and trimming a movie clip in Movie Maker.
Ans. :
Splitting a movie means. breaking a long movie clip into two or more parts while trimming a clip means. to trim(hide) the movie from being displayed.
Splitting a movie displays the split parts which may be rearranged while trimming a clip does not displays the trimmed part.

ii) Explain StoryBoard and Timeline view in Windows Movie Maker.
Ans. : The storyboard is the default view in Windows Movie Maker. We can use the storyboard to look at the sequence or ordering of the clips in your project and easily rearrange them, if necessary. These views also let us see any video effects or video transitions that have been added.
Timeline: The timeline view provides a more detailed view of our movie project and allows us to make finer edits. Using this timeline view, we can:-
1) Trim video clips, adjust the duration of transitions between clips, and view the audio track.
2) Review or modify the timing of clips in your project.

Q. 21 Shivani has to include an audio file in her web page repeatedly. Help her by explaining the use of embed tag. Describe the attributes in embed tag to set an audio file, set its size and run the file repeatedly.
Ans. : Embed tag can be used for incorporating a movie/ audio file in a web page. src stands for “source.” It tells the browser where to go to get the audio file.
Height /Width deals with the plug-ins control panel size on the page. The control panel at the top of the page was giving a size of 145 pixels wide by 55 pixels high.
Loop : set its value to true to run it repeatedly

Q. 22 Write a program in JavaScript to
– Accept first name and last name from the user.
– Display number of characters in his first name
– Display current date, his name as initial letter of first name and complete
last name ( hint: it should display K. Kumar for name Krishan Kumar)

Solution :
<script >
f=prompt(“enter first name “);
l=prompt(“enter last name “);
d= new Date ();
document.write(“ today’s date : “, d);
document.write(“length of first name is “, f.length);
document.write(“\n Your name is “,f[0]+”. ” +l);

Q. 23 a)Write a program in JavaScript to display a week day randomly from the array of days of week given below: dow=[“Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”,
“Sunday” ]
Ans. :
<html><body><script > (2)
dow=[“Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”,
“Sunday” ]
document.write( ” Day “, dow[n] );
b) Write code in JavaScript to accept a string from the user and display the first
occurrence of word “good” in the entered string. (2)
Ans. :
<script >
str=prompt(” enter a string : “);
document.write(“<br>”, str.indexOf(“good”));

Q. 24 Predict output of the following : (2+2)
a) <html><body><script >
n =20;
m = n>>2;
document.write(“value after right shift is : “, m, );
document.write(“<br> value after left shift is : “, x);
Ans. :
value after right shift is : 5
value after left shift is : 80

b) Write code snippets in JavaScript to accept height of 5 students in an array and display the tallest and the smallest height of student.
Ans. :
<script >
var i = 0;
str=new Array();
while (i<5)
str[i]=parseInt(prompt(” enter the height : “));
document.write(“smallest “ , str[0]);
document.write(“Tallest “, str[4]);


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