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Previous Year Question Paper with Answer of “Security – Code 403” for Class 10 NSQF Vocational, CBSE Session 2021-2022.

CBSE| Vocational Education

Security – Code 403

Class 10

(Session 2021-2022)

Previous Year Solved Question Paper for Term – 2

Max. Time Allowed: 1 Hour (60 Min) Max. Marks: 25

General Instructions:

  1. Please read the instructions carefully
  2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.
  3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.
  4. a) Questions numbers 1 to 4 are one mark questions. Attempt any three questions.
  5. b) Questions numbers 5 and 6 are two marks questions. Attempt any one question.
  6. Section B is of 12 marks and has 12 questions on Subject Specific Skills.
  7. a) Questions numbers 7 to 12 are one mark questions. Attempt any four questions.
  8. b) Questions numbers 13 to 18 are two marks questions. Attempt any four questions.
  9. Section C is of 08 marks and has 03 competency-based questions.
  10. a) Questions numbers 19 to 21 are four marks questions. Attempt any two questions.
  11. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.
  12. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.


(3 + 2 = 5 marks)


Answer any 3 questions out of the given 4 questions. Each question is of mark. 1 x 3 = 3

Q.1 Enumerate any two desired qualities of a successful entrepreneur. 1

Q.2 Explain how entrepreneurs help in job creation? Give any two points. 1

Q.3 When and where Sustainable Development Goals were launched? 1

Q.4 Enumerate any two initiatives through which we can reduce inequalities in our society. 1


Answer any 1 question out of the given 2 questions. Each question is of the mark. 2 x 1 = 2

Q.5 Is it true that a large capital required for being an entrepreneur? Discuss. 2

Q.6 What are the problems related to sustainable development? Discus any two.2




(4 + 8 = 12 marks)

Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions 1 x 4 = 4

Q.7 What is the full form of the following acronyms?

  1. CBI
  2. NSG 1


Q.8 Where are the following commands located?

  1. Western Air Command
  2. Eastern Naval Command 1


Q.9 Enlist the two components of the memory unit of a Central processing Unit of a  computer. 1


Q.10 Enumerate with example the parts of an email address with example. 1


Q.11 Name the knot which is used for pulling the people out of the water or safely bring them  down from a height to the ground. 1


Q.12 What is the full form of the acronym PSARA? 1


Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions 2 x 4 = 8

Q.13 What do you understand by the term Aid to Civil Authority? 2

Q.14 Explain the step-wise process of connecting various parts of a personal computer and starting it. 2

Q.15 How would you flag an email as spam? Explain in step-wise process. 2

Q.16 Enlist the four common points on human body where the pulse can be checked? 2

Q.17 Prepare a list of any four lessons, on which you will train your security guards for a better emergency response. 2

Q.18 As per PSARA-2005 mention the duration (days and hours) of training for the fresh security guard trainees. 2




(2 x 4 = 8 marks)


Answer any 02 questions out of the given 03 questions

Q.19 You are a security guard deployed at the entry gate of a factory. Your security officer has asked you to prepare a visitors’ register. What columns would you include in the visitors’ register to capture maximum details? 4

Q.20 You are a qualified first-aider. You find an old man lying unconscious in a park. His breathing is very weak. What first-aid would you give to the victim? 4

Q.21 You are a security supervisor in a hotel. Last night at 10 PM, there was a fire accident in the hotel. What points you should include while writing the incidence report?




Ans 1. Successful entrepreneurs: (1/2 mark each)

  1. Are confident.
  2. Believe in themselves and their abilities.
  3. Try new ideas in their business.
  4. Are patient.
  5. Are creative and think differently about business ideas.
  6. Take responsibility for their actions.
  7. Take decisions after thinking about them.
  8. Are hardworking.
  9. Do not give up when they face a difficulty. (Any two)

Ans 2. With the growth of their business: (1/2 mark each)

  1. Entrepreneurs need more people to help them.
  2. They also buy more raw material.
  3. More people supply material to them.
  4. They employ more people to work for them.

In this way, entrepreneurs help in creating more jobs (Any two)

Ans 3. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in New York in September 2015. (1/2 mark each)


Ans 4. We can reduce inequality by being: (1/2 mark each)

  1. Helpful to one another.
  2. Friendly with everyone.
  3. Including everyone while working or playing.
  4. Helping others by including everyone whether they are small or big, girl or boy, belonging to any class or caste. (Any two)


Ans 5. The money used to start a business is called capital. : (1/2 mark each)

  1. Every business does not need a lot of capital to start.
  2. As per need every entrepreneur starts business with a different capital.
  3. Depending on how much capital one needs to start the business it can be raised from different sources.
  4. Once the entrepreneur makes more money, he/ she can put that into business to expand it. (Any two)


Ans 6. There are three major problems related to sustainable development (1 mark each)

  1. Food: Large areas of rich, fertile land needed to grow crops, which is becoming less as we are using up more and more land for other purposes – cities, roads, airports, industries, etc. Soil nutrients are also getting depleted and lots of chemicals are spoiling the soil due to use of chemical fertilisers.
  2. Water: We use fresh water from rivers and ponds for drinking and cleaning but dump garbage into them. The rivers and ponds are getting polluted. This way after several years, we will have no clean water for our use.
  3. Fuel: We are using a lot of wood from trees as fuels and for construction of homes and furniture. As more and more trees are being cut, it is affecting the climate of the place. Extreme weather conditions, such as floods, extreme cold or heat, are seen in many places, which affect the people living there.


Ans 7. (1/2 mark each)

  1. Central Bureau of Investigation
  2. National Security Guards


Ans 8. (1/2 mark each)

  1. New Delhi
  2. Visakhapatnam


Ans 9. (1/2 mark each)

  1. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  2. Read Only Memory (ROM)


Ans 10. (1/2 mark each)

An email address is divided into two parts separated by symbol @ as under:

  1. Username
  2. Email service provider’s domain name

For example rudraksha@gmail.com


Ans 11. Bowline (1 mark)

Ans 12. Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act (1 mark)


Ans 13. (1/2 mark each)

Whenever needed, the Indian Armed Forces are called upon to help to the civil administration for:

  1. Maintaining law and order during the unrest and violence
  2. Providing relief to the population affected by natural or manmade disasters.
  3. Carrying out search and rescue operations
  4. Carrying out evacuation of population from foreign countries and areas affected by disasters.


Ans 14. (1/2 mark each)

Step-wise process of connecting a personal computer is as under:

  1. Step 1. Connect VGA cable of the monitor with VGA port.
  2. Step 2. Connect the mouse and keyboard in the given USB ports.
  3. Step 3. Connect any other output devices such as headphone, printer in the given ports.
  4. Step 4. Connect the power cable of the CPU with power supply.
  5. Step 5. Switch on the computer.


Ans 15. (1/2 mark each)

The following process is applied to flag an email as spam:

  1. Step 1. Select the email which is to be flagged as spam.
  2. Step 2. Click the Spam button on the toolbar.
  3. Step 3. The email will move from the Inbox folder to Spam folder.
  4. Step 4. A confirmation message will display at the top of the screen.


Ans 16. (1/2 mark each)

The pulse can be checked at the following points on human body:

  1. Carotid – side of the neck
  2. Femoral – the groin
  3. Radial – the wrist
  4. Posterior tibial – the ankle


Ans 17. (1/2 mark each)

I will include the following lessons for my security guard’s training for a better emergency response:

  1. Monitoring of surveillance and alarm systems
  2. Responding to alarms
  3. Responding to emergency situations
  4. Informing details of the incidents to the concerned appointments
  5. Seeking help from the emergency services
  6. Rescue and first-aid to the victims
  7. Co-operation with emergency services


Ans 18. (2 marks)

The training duration (days/ hours) for a fresh trainee as per PSARA is 20 working days. 160 hours divided into 100 hours of classroom instruction and 60 hours of field training.

  1. Ex-servicemen and former police personnel.



Ans 19. (1/2 mark each)

I will include the following columns in the visitors’ register:

  1. Date
  2. Time in
  3. Time out
  4. Name of the visitor
  5. Address of the visitor
  6. Phone No of the visitor
  7. Purpose of the visit
  8. Name of the person whom the visitor wants to meet
  9. Entry pass No issued to visitor
  10. Visitor’s signature
  11. Security supervisor/ officer signature


Ans 20. (1 mark each)

The victim needs artificial respiration. I will perform mouth-to-mouth respiration on him, following the under-mentioned process:

  1. Step 1. I will clear the airway of the victim.
  2. Step 2. By placing one hand on the victim’s forehead, I will pinch his nostrils with my index finger and thumb.
  3. Step 3. After taking a deep breath, I will place my mouth tightly over the open mouth of the victim and exhale hard.
  4. Step 4. I will check the pulse of the victim and keep performing this until the victim starts breathing.


Ans 21. (1/2 mark each)

I would include the following points in the incident report:

  1. Date, time and shift of the incident
  2. Name of the security supervisor and guard on duty
  3. Brief description of the incident
  4. Steps taken to fight the fire and control the damage
  5. People involved in the fire fighting
  6. Details of persons injured or dead in the incident, if any
  7. Evacuation of injured or dead to the hospital, if any
  8. When was incident reported to seniors?
  9. Time of arrival of fire brigade, ambulance and police at the sit


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