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Previous Year Question Paper with Answer of “Retail – Code 401” for Class 10 NSQF Vocational, CBSE Session 2021-2022.

CBSE| Vocational Education

Retail – Code 401

Class X

(Session 2021-2022)

Previous Year Solved Question Paper for Term – 2

Max. Time Allowed: 1 Hour (60 Min) Max. Marks: 25


General Instructions:

  1. Please read the instructions carefully
  2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.
  3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.
  4. a) Questions numbers 1 to 4 are one mark questions. Attempt any three questions.
  5. b) Questions numbers 5 and 6 are two marks questions. Attempt any one question.
  6. Section B is of 12 marks and has 12 questions on Subject Specific Skills.
  7. a) Questions numbers 7 to 12 are one mark questions. Attempt any four questions.
  8. b) Questions numbers 13 to 18 are two marks questions. Attempt any four questions.
  9. Section C is of 08 marks and has 03 competency-based questions.
  10. a) Questions numbers 19 to 21 are four marks questions. Attempt any two questions.
  11. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.
  12. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.


(3 + 2 = 5 marks)

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 4 questions. Each question is of 1 mark. 1 x 3 = 3

Q.1 A person needs a lot of money to start a business. True or False. 1

Q.2 Entrepreneurs are born, not made. True or False 1

Q.3 There are ________ SDGs given by the United Nations. 1

Q.4 SDGs stand for _________ 1


Answer any 1 question out of the given 2 questions. Each question is of 2 marks. 2 x 1 = 2

Q.5 State any 2 ways by which Entrepreneurs affect the society they live in? 2

Q.6 Explain ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’. 2


(4 + 8 = 12 marks)

Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions. Each question is of 1 mark. 1 x 4 = 4

Q.7____ planning is useful for organizer for attracting customers, increase sales, profit maximization and reducing expenses. 1

Q.8 Hazardous materials are stored in approved containers and away from ___ sources.1

Q.9 Less than 50% of the waste currently occupies space in land fill areas.

True or False 1

Q.10 Section 43 of the Criminal Procedure Code of India bestows power of arrest to the common citizen if a cognizance offense is committed in his/her presence.

State whether the above statement is Correct or Incorrect. 1

Q.11 Effective housekeeping can eliminate some workplace ______ and help get a job done safely and properly 1

Q.12 A passion for design and _________ are essential for becoming a visual merchandiser? 1


Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions. Each question is of 2 marks. 2 x 4 = 8

Q.13 Briefly explain ‘Control Room’. 2

Q.14 Name any 4 types of Security Guards. 2

Q.15 State the four areas that form the basic duties of a Merchandiser? 2

Q.16 List any 4 principles of Visual Merchandising. 2

Q.17 Name any 4 types of General Merchandise Retailers. 2

Q.18 What is meant by a successful Security Programme? 2



(2 x 4 = 8 marks)


Answer any 02 questions out of the given 03 questions

Q.19 A middle-aged lady accompanied by a gentleman walks into a hypermarket, located in a metro city. She gets a trolley and starts shopping for groceries, while the gentleman is looking around, and finally approaches the apparel section. The lady is seen to be checking her cell phone frequently and checking the label of products as she attempts to pick up.

However, she is seen to return many products back to the shelf and pick up very few for purchase. There were several sections where the lady didn’t touch any product. In the meantime, the gentleman looked confused, checking out some pyjamas.

Answer the following questions on the basis of the above case study.

  1. a) What could have reduced the confusion of the gentleman and helped him save time and take better decision while shopping.
  2. b) What could be the reason for the lady to return many products to shelf after checking them out, and not picking up and product is some sections of the store while navigating? 2+ 2 = 4 Marks

Q.20 In a departmental store selling apparels, all windows towards the main street were decked up with lady mannequins dressed in gowns, western formals, western party wear, etc. The store did not have good sales of Saris, ladies’ accessories, and Men’s apparels.

  1. a) What is the focus category for the store?
  2. b) What could be the reason for poor sales of Saris in the store?
  3. c) What could be done to increase sales of accessories without changing the apparel display on mannequins?
  4. d) How to add to the sale of men’s apparels without changing window displays? 1×4 = 4 Marks

Q.21 In a Supermarket, a stock verification exercise was conducted by an audit team. A huge discrepancy of physical stock vs system stock was observed. This kind of shrinkage is a direct loss to the store. Maximum shortage was observed in essential commodities like Oil, rice, fruits, cereals, etc

  1. a) Describe any three probable lapses that could have happened, leading to this shrinkage.
  2. b) Who all must be held accountable for this situation, and what needs to be done to rectify the situation? 2+ 2= 4 Marks


Answer Key 


5 Marks

Answer any 03 questions out of the given 04 questions ( 1 X3 = 3 Marks)

1) False( page 96)

2) False (page 98)

3) 17 ( page 108)

4) Sustainable Development Goals ( page 106)


Answer any 01 question out of the given 02 questions ( 2 x 1 = 2 Marks)

 5) Any 2 of the following ways:

Create Jobs

With the growth of a business, entrepreneurs look for more people to help them. They buy more material, and from more people. They also hire more people to work for them. In this way, more people have jobs.

Sharing of Wealth

Wealth means having enough money to live a comfortable life. As entrepreneurs grow their business,

the people working for them and in related businesses also grow. Hey have more money to live a better quality life.

Lower Price of Products

As more entrepreneurs sell the same product, the price of the product goes down.

6) Using solar power i.e., power generated using the sun does not cause pollution as it does not require burning of non-renewable fuels, such as coal. We are making efforts to increase the solar power generation so that our electricity needs are met and at the same time we do not pollute the environment or use up natural resources. Use of biogas is also an eco-friendly alternative to natural gas.


(4+ 8 =12 Marks)

Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions (1 x 4 = 4)

 7) Merchandise ( pg 40)

 8) Ignition (page 138)

 9) False ( page 147)

 10) Correct ( page 120)

 11) Hazards ( Page 135)

 12) Creativity. ( Page 51)

Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions ( 2x 4 = 8)

13) A Control Room is a room serving as an operations centre where a facility or service can be monitored and controlled. A definition or description of a control room for security would be “a facility for the provision or procurement of assistance or advice for guarding, mobile patrol and mobile supervisory staff in routine and emergency situations”.

14) Any 4 of the following:

  1. Personal Security Guards
  2. Residential Security Guards
  3. Corporate Security Guards
  4. Private Security Guards
  5. Mobile Security Guards
  6. Static Security Guards

( page 116)

 15) The four areas forming duties and responsibilities of a Merchandiser are:


Though the merchandisers may not be directly involved in the actual purchase of

merchandise, they formulate the policies for the areas in which they are responsible.


 It is a very important function of the merchandiser that he will guide and train buyers as and when the need arises.


 The merchandise managers supervise the work of more than one buyer, hence they need to coordinate the buying effort of the buyers.


 Assessing not only the merchandise performance, but also the buyer’s performance as well as buying behaviour is part of the merchandise manager’s job.

 16) The principles of visual merchandising are: ( Any 4)

  • Make it easier for the customer to locate the desired category and merchandise.
  • Make it easier for the customer to self-select.
  • Make it possible for the shopper to co-ordinate and accessorize.
  • Recommend, highlight and demonstrate particular products at strategic locations.
  • Educate the customer about the product in an effective creative way.
  • Make proper arrangements in such a way to increase the sale of unsought goods

 17) The types of General Merchandise Retailers are: (Any 4)

  • Discount Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Category Specialists
  • Home Improvement Centres
  • Department Stores
  • Drugstores
  • Off-Price Retailers
  • Value Retailers

 18) A successful security programme will rely on the honesty, integrity, and loyalty of the persons implementing the security system as well as its employees’ responsiveness to the laid down procedures and systems 



( 4 x 2 = 8 Marks )

 19) Case study 1: Reference page 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44 and 52. Set of 2 questions with 2 marks for each.

Answer a)- Proper visual merchandising announcing different products- shirts, pyjamas, accessories, etc. Proper display of merchandise based on quality of fabric (example- cotton pyjamas displayed together, sizes. The price tag must be attached. Colour blocking in display needed. Signages announcing new arrivals

Answer b- She is a price conscious customer, not happy with the discounts/ offers. Same products are available in some other store cheaper. There may be products nearing expiry date as well. Further, in certain categories, she didn’t find the brand/ product she was looking for; hence didn’t pick up anything.

20) Case study 2: Reference page 55, 56, 57, 58. Set of 4 questions with 1 mark for every one of them.

Answer a- Ladies apparels

Answer b- No window had a display of Indian wear; all mannequins decked up with western wear.

Answer c- Let the mannequins hold ladies’ handbags, wear sunglasses, costume jewellery, etc.

This will catch the customer’s eye.

Answer d- Improve the instore Visual merchandising, proper category wise, colour/ size wise display, offer reasonable prices, approach customers, and lead them to Men’s section.

21) Case study 3- Reference pages 119, 120, 121, 122, 123 and 124. Set of 2 questions with 2 marks for each.

Answer a- The security point where vendor comes in with supplies did not match the supply documents with actual quantities- lack of proper physical verification while in warding, and less quantities may have come into the store. Certain customers may have missed billing certain items before leaving the store- proper matching of bill with products did not happen. Staff purchase not monitored properly; frisking of staff while leaving the store not properly done.

Answer b -The security head and store in charge are accountable. They have failed to implement the necessary processes of security steps and standard operating procedures to minimize losses, wrong product entry, in store theft, etc. To cross check for possible lapses, the CCTV footages to be reviewed, registers checked, security staff deployment to be reviewed, physical match of stocks during in warding and billing, proper frisking of staff while leaving store, periodical rotation of security staff, staff training, security drill are the major steps to be taken.


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