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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “False Sense of Superiority” for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Precis exercise on “False Sense of Superiority”

Almost every country in the world believes that it has some special dispensation from Providence, that it is of the chosen people or race and that others, whether they are good or bad, are somewhat inferior creatures. It is extraordinary how this kind of feeling persists in all nations of the East as well as of the West without exception. The nations of the East are strongly entrenched in their own ideas and convictions and sometimes in their own sense of superiority about certain matters. Anyhow, in the course of the last two or three hundred years, they have received many knocks on the head and they have been debased and they have been exploited. And so, in spite of their feeling that they were superior in many ways, they were forced to admit that they could be knocked about and exploited. To some extent, this brought a sense of realism that it was sad that we were not so advanced in material or technical things but that these were after all superficial things; nevertheless, we were superior in essential things, in spiritual things, in moral values. I have no doubt that spiritual things, moral values are ultimately more important than other things, but the way one finds escape in the thought that one is spiritually superior simply because one is inferior in a material and physical sense, is surprising. It does not follow by any means. It is an escape from facing up to the cause of one’s degradation.

Number of words = 264


Solved Precis

Title: False Sense of Superiority

All countries of the East and the West suffer from some sort of false sense of superiority. The nations of the East have generally been lost in their superiority. But, the constant knocking and humiliation they had to receive, at times, at the hands of the comparatively more advanced Western nations, has compelled them into having a sense of realism to some extent. Still, they sometimes try to escape reality by claiming to be superior in spiritual matters, if not in material ones. This is only a crude attempt to ignore reality.

Number of words in the precis = 86


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