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Police Verification for Tenant or PG proforma with a downloadable PDF file.

Tenant/PG Proforma

(To be filled by Landlord in capital letters)

Download Tenant / PG Proforma in PDF Format


1 House No. ____________ Sector/Colony/Village_______________________________________ Chandigarh.

2 Name of Landlord_______________________ @ ________________________ Age____________ Yrs.

3 Occupation ___________________________________Mobile No._______________________


Particulars of Tenant / PG

1 Name ________________________________@ __________________________Age_________________Yrs.

S/o__________________________________ Permanent R/o________________________________________

PS___________________ Dist. __________________ State ___________________Mobile_________________


2 Residing: Alone / Couple / Family () as Tenant / PG () w.e.f. ___________________, Rent Deed (Yes / No).


3 Previous Address ___________________________________________________________Up to ___________


4 Occupation and Address _____________________________________________________________________


5 Detail of Passport: Passport No. _____________________Issue Date______________________________


                                      Valid up to ______________________Issuing Authority_________________________


6 Detail of Weapon: License No. ______________________Type / Make____________________________


                                  Bore______________________Valid up to ____________Issuing Authority___________


7 If Senior Citizen: Living Alone / Couple / Family () Registered with Sr. Citizen Association (Yes / No)


8 Attached copy of I. D. Proof: V-Card/ R-Card / Driving License / I-Card ( appropriate only)


9 Detail of Family Members of Tenant / PG

















Entered in PS _________________record by MHC, Vide No. ________ Dated _______________in Verification register.




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