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Paragraph on “Vegetation Belts of the World” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Vegetation Belts of the World

Along the Equator the Sun’s rays fall straight for most of the year which results in a quicker warming of both, the Earth’s surface and the air. As the warm air rises, it is replaced by cooler air. As a result of this cycle there is condensation of water .resulting in heavy rainfall throughout the year. Since the temperature, rainfall and humidity are all high in these areas, they provide ideal conditions for rain forests. Most of these rain forests are located on land masses upto 5 degrees, either side of the equator like in the Congo in Africa and Brazil in South America. Both north and south of the rain forests are areas which get rainfall only in certain months of a year, these areas are generally covered by grasslands and bush. There are very few trees in these areas. However wildlife can be found in abundance. Grazing by animals prevents too many plants from growing, however grass is found in plenty since grass grows back from stems even after animals have chewed them. Further north and further south of the Grasslands lie the Temperate zones. In these areas the climate is neither too dry nor too wet, neither is it too hot nor is it too cold i.e. it is moderate on all fronts. Among the areas which have a temperate climate are parts of Asia, Africa, Australia, Southern Europe etc. It is in these areas that the warm winds which rise upwards, meet the cold winds which are moving in from the polar regions. In these regions very few plants grow in the winters, but during the summers and spring the plants grow much faster. As we move towards the North and South Pole, the climate becomes colder, further north from the temperate zones, lie the Coniferous forests. The climates are cold and dry in these areas but the tree that grew in these areas are capable of  surviving the cold.



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