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Paragraph on “Forests” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


Life would not be possible on the Earth without plants and as such forests make up one of the most important natural resources we have. They not only provide home and food to all kinds of animals, insects and birds but also provide us with wood which is used for a variety of purposes like making of furniture, paper, houses etc. Forests cover almost one third of the land surface on the Earth.

The Evergreen or Coniferous Softwood forests cover large parts of the northern hemisphere and are made up of trees like Firs, Spruces, Cedars and Pines. These trees are able to bear the cold climate of that area and are of high commercial value. Another type of forests are the Temperate Hardwood forests, these are found mainly in the Temperate zones where the climate is hot and humid and there is ample rainfall. The trees that grow in these areas include Chestnut, Beech. Oak, Hickory, Willow etc. They are called hardwood forests because their wood is very hard and difficult to saw. These are the most valuable type of forests and their numbers have substantially deteriorated over the years due to heavy deforestation. Once these trees are cut very little area is replanted with fresh trees as a result of which the soil erodes and deteriorates and becomes unfit for cultivation or vegetation.

These forests are being cut down at almost a rate of 1,25,000 sq km per year. The third type of forests are the mixed ones in which trees of both types are found. Forests all over the world are also facing the threat of pollution. Harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere by factories dissolve in rain-water and fall back to the ground as acid rain. This rain kills a lot of trees and new saplings which had been planted where trees had been cut down. Deterioration of the forests also has its effects on wildlife and we may not know how many species of unknown creatures may have already extinct.


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