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Paragraph on “The Sun” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Sun

As we look up in the night sky we see stars from end to end. Our Sun is no more than a star, It is our proximity to the Sun which makes it so bright and large in size. The Sun was born about 5000 million years ago as a result of the contraction of clouds of hydrogen, helium and dust into a ball under gravitational pressure. Very soon nuclear reactions began to take place in this ball and the Sun became as we see it today.

The Sun is located in the Milky way galaxy and has a family of nine planets. The distance between Earth and the Sun is about 150 million kilometres, the Sun also rotates on its axis, taking 25.4 days to do so. It has a surface temperature of 5,5000 centigrade and a core temperature of 1,50,00,0000 centigrade. Life on the Earth is sustained by the Sun which provides both light and heat.

The Sun is in reality a glowing ball of gases comprising of mainly three parts of hydrogen and one part of helium besides other elements. In the dense core of the Sun hydrogen atoms are crushed together to form helium; this reaction releases large amounts of intense light and heat. The energy released by this reaction travels to the surface of the Sun in the form of electromagnetic waves including light waves, radio waves and heat waves. Glowing hydrogen gas is frequently released with great force into the sky, upto heights of 55,000 kilometres or more in the form of what we know as ‘Prominences’.

Changes in the Sun’s magnetic field cause large black spots to appear on it’s surface, these are known as Sun spots and are relatively cool areas. Around the Sun there exists a thin white atmosphere of gases called the Corona. Considering the current rate at which reactions are taking place in the Sun, it is expected to last for another 5,000 million years before it runs out of fuel and begins to die.


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