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Paragraph on “The First Animals” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The First Animals

About 2,000 million years ago small ‘Bacteria’ developed in the seas these were the first forms of life on the Earth. These were followed by, creatures like worms and jelly fish in water and plants and algae on land. Birth of the first plants was important since plants produced Oxygen, which created the Ozone layer thus preventing the Sun’s harmful rays from reaching the Earth and helping life to thrive. About 450 million years ago the first shelled animals which lived under water, the ‘Trilobites’ were born. For another million years life developed in the water and plants thrived on land. The first fish were formed during this time and the first real plant to appear on land was the Cooksonia plant’.

With the growth of plants on land the first insects like ‘Millipedes’ and the ‘Dragonfly’ were born. Since inhabitable conditions were also available, land creatures living in water began to crawl out and adapt themselves to living both on land and in water—thus came into being the first `Amphibians’. These amphibians continued to lay their eggs in water but their attempts to crawl on the shores helped them develop thicker skins and stronger limbs which increased their mobility on land. Life continued to thrive and about 150 million years ago came the age of the ‘Dinosaurs’, these creatures included various types of reptiles and `Pterosaurs’ which were capable of flying or gliding. Most dinosaurs had huge bodies with thin snake like necks and small heads. Evolution continued with both animal and plant life thriving on Earth till about 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct. About 2 million years ago man first evolved in the continent of Africa and then migrated to various parts of the world. It was during this period that the first of many ‘Ice ages’ gripped the Earth but life continued with its cycle of evolution.


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