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Paragraph on “Evolution of Life” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Evolution of Life

Evolution means to adapt and change’ with the passage of time. In the mid 19th century Charles Darwin, a Naturalist, travelled around the world studying various life forms. His findings were the basis for the ‘The Theory of Evolution’. He stated that the present life forms are the successors of much simpler life forms which existed millions of years ago. As time went by some simpler life forms could not survive the changing conditions around them so they died and new life forms evolved with physical characteristics more suited to the conditions around them. Darwin stated that all living things vary in shape and size and their survival depends upon their shape, size, colour etc. A particular creature may be so adapted to its surroundings that it can hide from predators and survive much longer and once it is adapted to a particular surrounding or environment, it would pass the same capabilities to it’s. Observed over a period of time it was noticed that in grasslands, birds largely ate insects which were more prominently visible because of r their colour, thus insects which had a green colour were saved, these insects reproduced offsprings of the same colour, which ensured their survival as well, this effect was seen over all species (types or families) of living things. Some creatures became so adapted to their conditions that they would have perished if a major transformation was brought about in their environment e.g. a Polar bear would not survive in a desert and vice versa for a Camel which would die in the Polar regions.


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