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Paragraph on “The Birth of a Plant” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Birth of a Plant


A plant seed has a soft inner core covered with a hard outer shell. When a seed is allowed to remain in contact with water for some time, the water seeps into the inner core through the outer shell and the process of germination begins. The seed swells and the hard outer coat cracks open, as time goes by a small root, also called a Radicle, comes out of the shell and starts growing downwards. Parallel to this growth, a small stem, called the Plumule, comes out of the shell and begins to grow upwards. Nourishment to grow is provided to the plant from the food reserves inside the seed called the Cotyledons. These cotyledons continue to provide the young plant with nourishment till the leaves develop and the process of photosynthesis is started. In most plants the cotyledons stay under the surface with the roots but in some these grow with the stem and nourish the plant till the leaves are formed.


Getting Their Water


Plants firmly embed themselves in soil with their roots and also use these roots to obtain water from the soil. Plant roots are thick, closer to the stem, but as they move away, they branch out into a large number of root hairs. These root hairs spread out into the soil in search of water. The tips of these roots take in water and pass them upwards into thicker roots from where it reaches the stem. The tissue in the root which transports the water is called the Xylem and it forms a column in the middle. It is through the xylem that the water is transported to the stem and then to the other parts of the plant. Evaporation of water from the leaves creates a partial vacuum in the stem. At this stage water in the leaf stem flows downwards and since water molecules exert a pulling force upon other water molecules, water is drawn up from the roots through the tubes of the Xylem.


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