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Paragraph on “Do Plants Breathe?” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Do Plants Breathe?

Like human beings plants take in air, the difference though is that they use both Carbon dioxide and Oxygen, one for making food and the other fur respiration. In the process of manufacturing food through Photosynthesis. plants build up a lot of sugars. With the help of oxygen, they break up these sugars into water and Carbon dioxide and in the process release a lot of energy. This process is called respiration and it takes place in tiny cell structures called Mitochondria. After carrying out this process about forty percent of the energy that is released is converted into chemical energy while the remaining energy is lost in the form of heat. The energy so generated by plants is used for performing other functions which include reproduction and growth.


Making Their Food


The process with which plants make food is called Photosynthesis. This process depends upon a green pigment found in plants, called Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll captures the sunlight in tiny structures called chloroplasts, which are largely found in the outer layer of cells on the upper side of a leaf. At the same time the plant also takes in carbon dioxide from the air, through tiny holes on the leaves called stoma, and water and minerals from it’s roots.

The light taken in by the chloroplasts is converted into chemical energy and this is used to fuel photosynthesis. Through a reaction of all the above elements, plants build up food sugar, which are transported to the various parts of the plant through plant tissue. This food is then stored in the form of starch and is used by plants for growth and reproduction.



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