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Paragraph on “Submarines and Ships” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Submarines and Ships

The development of ships began with reed boats and rafts more than 6000 years ago. The first boats were used by the Egyptians and they were made of a wicker frame covered with the skins and hides of animals, these were small crafts and could he used by one or two persons. Subsequent to this they invented the sails in the year 3200 B.C. and larger boats made of reeds. In 650 B.C. we had the Greeks who made large boats with sails which were rowed by a large number of men and were called ‘Trireme’. These boats gave way to the first sailing ships called the ‘Clippers’. As time went by the steam paddle boats arrived and then came the large passenger ships. Today we have the Hovercrafts and hydrofoils which are the latest addition to sea faring vessels.

With the desire to travel on water, man also had the desire to travel under it and be able to explore the undersea world. This gave birth to submarines. The first submarine was designed by a Dutch inventor called Cornelius van Drebbel in the year 1605 and he built a prototype by 1620. By the year 1727 as many as 13 different types of submarine patents had been approved in England. The submarines as we see today were initially battery powered, then diesel engine driven and finally nuclear powered. This in brief is the history of ships and submarines.


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