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Paragraph on “Sports” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


Activities and games which result in physical activity are called Sports. Most Sports like Wrestling or Archery developed from activities which were essential for survival. As much as they are entertaining, sports and physical activities are also essential for maintaining a fit and healthy body. Early morning walks, jogging, aerobics etc are examples of activities which help in keeping a fit body.

Many sports are played as team sports where a group of persons play a game together. This group is called a team. Team sports are played between equal numbers of players in both teams. Such sports include Hockey, Basketball, Football, Volleyball etc. In these games the role of each player is assigned and each team prevents the other side from scoring points.

All sports and games are played according to pre-set rules. Team sports are played in fields or areas which are of a fixed and standard size. The teams wear uniforms of different colours so that the players can be identified. A referee ensures that the players adhere to the rules of the game.

Not all sports are played between teams, there are many in which two or more individuals compete with each other. These include Judo, Karate, Gymnastics, skiing, running, discus throwing etc. Individual sports include both the indoor and the outdoor variety. All of them are capable of testing human stamina and fitness to the extremes. Like the team sports these sports are also played by pre-set and standard rules so that every contestant gets an equal chance.

Most of these sports like car or motor-cycle racing can be dangerous as well but then adequate precautions are taken to protect the players from injury. The drivers wear protective suits and crash helmets and the side walls of the track are generally made of bales of straw or other soft material. There are Fire tenders and Ambulances standing by incase of a mishap.


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