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Paragraph on “Ships and Ocean Liners” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Ships and Ocean Liners


There are various types of ships which include ‘Cargo Carriers’ for carrying various types of cargo in the holds or on the deck in containers, .Oil Tankers’ for carrying oil, ‘Naval Battleships’ for defence and ‘Aircraft Carriers’ which carry aeroplanes for the Navy. There are also the ‘Ocean Liners’ which are large ships used for transporting people at sea. Ships of all types may be built to meet various requirements but they operate in the same manner. In the olden days ships required large crews and large stocks of supplies to support them basically because all the work done to run the ship was done manually.

The large freighters and ocean liners are today marvels of electronics and technology and require a limited number of people to operate them. Most ships have an internal combustion engine which drives a shaft. This shaft protrudes out from the rear of the ship, under water and is connected to a large propeller made of bronze, weighing about fifty tons and about 30 feet in diameter. As the shaft turns it rotates the propeller thus pushing the ship forward.

Next to the propeller is a large flat vertical plate called the ‘rudder’, the ship’s Captain is able to turn the rudder, with the help of a large steering wheel on the bridge which allows the ship’s direction to be changed. The right of the ship is called the ‘starboard’ and the left side is called Tort’. The flat top of the ship is called the ‘Deck’. On passenger liners there could be a number of decks like the various storeys in a building. The room from where the Captain controls the ship is called the bridge. Under the deck are various levels which house the passenger cabins, the dining areas, the kitchens, the crew quarters, the engine room etc. The chimney through which the smoke from the engine is released into the air is called the ‘Smoke Stack’. On the side of the ocean liner are attached a large number of small boats called life boats which are used in case the ship is to be abandoned in an emergency.


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