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Paragraph on “Plants around Us” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Plants around Us

As we look around we would be able to identify almost everything, from food to clothes to furniture, which originated from plants. This proves how important plants are for us. Like the animal kingdom, the kingdom of plants too has over half a million species in it. Though they are found in great variety and in all shapes and sizes, they have three things in common, i.e. all plants require light, air and water to survive. Plants are so important to us that life would not be possible without them. One of the most important functions they perform is the conversion of Carbon dioxide in the air into Oxygen which supports life on earth. The plant family includes the smallest forms of single celled Algae we see on stagnant water to the largest trees on earth. Like animals, plants too developed over millions of years from bacteria and algae, in the Cambrian period, to club moss, in the Carboniferous period, to the present day trees and plants. Almost all types of plants are eaten by one or the other species of animals and since meat eating animals prey upon many plant eating animals, it is clear that they too indirectly depend upon plants. Plants are quite capable of adapting themselves to the environments in which they grow, we have plants and trees in the tropical and temperate regions and yet others in the arid deserts where it is difficult to sustain life. We have those which can reproduce within minutes by simple cell division and those like the Bristle cone Pine trees which take hundreds of years. Plants can primarily be divided into two categories i.e. the  flowering and the non-flowering plants. The non-flowering plants include microscopic plants, Ferns, Lichen, Moss etc. Flowering plants on the other hand can be clearly identified because of their flowers. The plant kingdom also has some curiosities like insect eating plants about which we would read more in the forthcoming pages.


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